3 Unexpected & Healing Uses for Himalayan Salt

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Did you know that the Himalayan salt “crystal” is an up and coming contender not only in the kitchen but also in the medicine cabinet?

What you put in fuels your temple. I know that you need your ingredients to pack a punch. Actually, you need salt to survive. It keeps hormones and nutrients in balance and maintains fluids. Since your body doesn’t produce salt, it’s counting on you to give it the purest option out there. Table salt isn’t going to cut it.

Let me start though, by answering your first question…

Is it really that different from table salt?

What you might not know about Himalayan salt is that it is mined from ancient sea beds in Pakistan. Ancient. Meaning, before pollution. This pure pink salt is free from toxins that appear in other sea salts. Because it has housed itself in such a clean environment it doesn’t need to be cleaned, and therefore stripped of any of its 83 trace minerals. The same can’t be said of table salt. After it’s been cleaned, you’re left with sodium chloride and maybe even some additives to keep it from clumping.

So, how can you incorporate this magical salt crystal into your day? Here are 3 easy and healing uses for Himalayan salt.

Salt Inhaler

When I first stumbled upon the uses of Himalayan salt, I saw that it helps with respiratory and sinus function. There’s actually such a thing as a salt inhaler! For us allergy sufferers, I’m not sure a more steadfast way exists to test out this crystal’s effectiveness.


Can’t wait to find out if this crystal will work its magic on your wicked allergies? I couldn’t either. I got a portable inhaler to take on the go here, but you can also purchase larger ones here.

While I was surprised by this awesome gadget, using salt to treat breathing ailments dates back to the ancient Greeks who coined the term, “Halotherapy.” Other forms of Halotherapy include salt caves and even Neti pots! Benefits of Himalayan salt for breathing conditions include:

  • cleanses the nasal passages of irritants and pollutants
  • reduces swelling
  • relaxes airways
  • natural expectorant to reduce mucus

Salt Sole

An obvious way to enjoy the healing effects of Himalayan salt is to ingest it, so…I’m going to give you ZO’s recipe for Himalayan salt rock candy. It’ll be a hit at your next family party…no, no, just kidding!! The best way to get a full dose of Himalayan salt is by making sole (so-lay).


Sole is a super-concentrated saltwater solution that can be made with a glass jar and a non-metal lid.

To Make Sole

Fill your jar ¼ of the way with Himalayan salt. Then add filtered water, seal with a lid, shake, and allow the mixture to sit overnight so that the salt can dissolve. If you notice that all of the salt has dissolved, add more salt until the water cannot hold anymore and is therefore fully saturated.


To Use Sole

Add a tsp to a glass of water every morning and take on an empty stomach. This is also a great concoction to add to your homemade electrolyte drinks! The benefits include:

  • antibacterial components detox the body
  • stimulates the digestive system and aids in healthy weight loss
  • increased hydration
  • caffeine-free energy
  • trace minerals contribute to bone health, healthy veins, skin, hair, and nails
  • lowers blood pressure

Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt has your allergies in the bag! But more important than clearing your nasal passages, it can also improve the air quality and give your mood an overhaul!


You are made up of negatively charged cells. So, like a magnet, you attract things with a positive charge…such as pet dander…dust…oh, and ions from electronics like microwaves, cell phones, and TVs. Himalayan salt lamps can combat these positive ions by emitting negative ions. Use a salt lamp by your bedside to emit negative ions for these benefits:

  • increased oxygen flow to the brain for better sleep and more energy
  • neutralizes electric smog
  • lowers blood pressure
  • decreases feelings of anxiety

I’ve done the research on the salt inhaler, and I have a salt lamp on my bedside table. Now, I’m looking forward to adding a Sole salt flush to my morning routine! Let me know about some of your other favorite ways to use this pretty pink crystal!

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