3 Ways to Honor & Connect with Gaia for Earth Day

April 18, 2016 11:21 pm Published by

Every year Earth Day rolls around and I get this sinking feeling in my stomach that I’m not doing enough. I’m quick to jump on the shame wagon and ask myself, “What more can I do to heal Mother Earth?” Sometimes, it seems like the small things I do, like taking reusable bags to the grocery, using reusable water bottles, and walking more just isn’t enough. There’s too much healing that needs to take place, how can my small acts make a difference?

There is always more we could be doing, but it is also important to start where you are and slowly build in more habits and rituals to help the earth. Like any habit, taking on too many or too much at one time will inevitably lead to feeling overwhelmed and result in abandoning the habit altogether. Rituals are important for me, they make me feel more connected to the universe and help solidify the actions I want to take. To celebrate Earth Day and honor our natural home, I found several rituals for the goddess Gaia and think they’re a perfect way to feel more connected and spiritually in tune with Earth Day.  And while honoring Mother Earth I love to wear Moon Phase Jewelry.


Who is Gaia?

The Greek goddess Gaia was born out of chaos. Gaia is the personification of Earth, the primal mother. She bore the sky and the sea, the sun and the heavens, and all of life. Gaia is the being that nurtures and heals us. She supplies our medicine, food, clothes, and shelter.


3 Ways to Honor Gaia for Earth Day


Bring earthy scents into your home, altar, or sacred space, like honeysuckle, spruce, or cypress. I love doTerra’s scent “Balance,” it’s the perfect earthy blend for honoring Gaia.


Green crystals like aventurine, tourmaline, fluorite, jade, or green jasper would be the perfect addition to your altar for Earth Day. Amber is great too, though it’s not green, it’s Earthy quality is perfect for honoring Gaia.

Fruit or Flower Offering

Bring some life to your altar or sacred space by making a fruit and flower offering to Gaia. Spend some quiet moments and deep breaths with this offering, asking Gaia for guidance this Earth day.


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