3 Ways to Understand the Health of your Chakras

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When it comes to working with chakra energy, one of the first questions I receive is how to know if your chakras are blocked. Like all things relating to energy work, there are a variety of ways to approach working with your chakras.

Before we dive in, the most important thing for you to understand is how you receive extrasensory information. I dive deeper into this topic in a past blog post here. If you don’t know what kind of “clair” you are, I suggest you give it a quick read. You can also check out a graphic I created below for some of the most common clairs. 

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In this post, I’ll break down why understanding the health of your chakras can be beneficial to you in everyday life and in your spiritual growth. I share three methods in this post, which you can apply to understand the health of your chakras and, in some cases, heal them. 

Why would you want to understand the health of your chakras? 

As above, so below. As within, so without. I refer to this adage often because it’s so applicable to spiritual work. What goes on in your energetic body (auras and chakras) can also manifest in your physical body and vice versa. 

Understanding the health of each of your chakras will shed light on your physical health, current life situations, future path, and where you may want to focus your energy. 

Let’s dig into some ways to start working with and understanding the energy of your chakras. 

working with a pendulum for your chakras understanding chakra energy

The featured book is the Goddess Discovery Book V1. The featured card deck is The Ritual Deck.

Understanding the Polarities of Each Chakra

Understanding the traits associated with each chakra will enable you to ascertain the health of your chakras quickly. This method can take a bit of time, especially if the chakras are new to you. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of the polarities of each chakra. What I mean by this are the traits of each chakra when they’re functioning optimally, and the shadow aspects of them as well when they’re blocked. The expression of each chakra can range from overly open, balanced, to totally blocked, or somewhere in between. I discuss this more in this video. 

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Here’s an example of how this technique can be applied. Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like you can’t focus? These are all manifestations of a blocked or stagnant root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and connection to the earth. If you’re feeling this way, the next step would be to take action to activate and balance your root chakra. This could mean simply taking a break to go for a walk outside or performing a quick root chakra meditation. 

Here are my top suggestions to gain a better understanding of the polarities of each chakra. 

chakra-books-understanding chakra energy how to work with your chakras using a pendulum for chakra healing

Feeling Chakra Energy with your Hands

If you consider yourself clairsentient and feel energy easily, this technique will work well for you. Even if you’re not clairsentient, I encourage you to try, as anyone can learn and acquire new kinds of psychic abilities!

Your chakras are spinning wheels of energy, continually taking in and emitting energy. If you have the gift of clairsentience, you’ll be able to feel this energy coming out of your body. I share the best way to get started with this technique in a previous post that also has a video breaking this technique down. Click here to check it out. 

Essentially, you’re going to want to get yourself into a meditative state, activate the chakras in your hands by rubbing them together and begin to hover your hands above where each of your chakras is. You may start to feel a bulge of energy push your hands out as you come near each chakra. How far the chakra comes out from your body can be an indication of how under or overactive it is. You may also receive information about the health of each chakra as you feel into each one. 

Using a Pendulum to Work with Your Chakras

Pendulums are such a useful spiritual tool! If pendulums are brand new to you and you want to get the basics, check out this previous post here. There are SO many useful applications for pendulums, and understanding the health of your chakras is one of them. The technique I share here works well for doing chakra readings on yourself or others. 

If you’re working on yourself or someone else remotely, you’ll need a pendulum and a piece of paper or a drawing of someone with the chakras. You don’t need anything fancy though and can even use a piece of paper with the chakras written down on it as a reference. Your pendulum won’t know the difference! If you’re working on someone else in person, all you’ll need is your trusty pendulum. 


Before you start, ensure that you have formed a good relationship with your pendulum. You must understand how your pendulum communicates with you. Generally speaking, a clockwise swirl means “yes” or “open,” and a counterclockwise swirl means “no” or “closed.”

How to check your chakras with a pendulum: 

  1. As with all spiritual work, take a moment to quiet yourself. 
  2. Call on any spiritual support you’d like (guides, angels, ancestors, etc.).
  3. Hold your pendulum over each chakra and ask if the chakra is open or closed.
  4. The pendulum should begin to swirl one way or the other, indicating the health of each chakra. It is possible that the pendulum won’t move at all; check out this previous post I mentioned above for more on why a pendulum might not move. 
  5. Once finished, thank any spiritual aids you called on. 

As always, run any information you received through your intuitive filter, and if it feels off, you don’t have to act on it. If you feel like the reading you received from your pendulum is accurate, you can now take steps to work with any chakras that may be blocked, stagnant, or overactive. 

The best thing about the pendulum technique is that after you’ve worked with a chakra that’s a little off, you can retest with your pendulum. I’m often astounded at how quickly I’ll get an open and balanced swirl from my pendulum after working on a chakra that needed some extra love. 

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