The 4 Elements & New Moon Rituals

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Thank goddess for new beginnings! There’s nothing better than shedding old habits and introducing new ones. Maybe this is an annual tradition for you as you ring in the new year, but did you know that you can initiate a fresh start every month with the help of the new moon?!

The new moon is symbolic of a seed; demonstrating growth through the moon cycle. The same can be said for your goals and intentions, and I have a few pointers to get you started.


Did You Know?

Each new moon is associated with an element. Yep! I’ve crafted this quick-guide, making it an easy reference when deciding how to set your intention every month. If you want to learn more about the four elements, you can check out this blog post.


Honoring the Elements



Light a Candle

Spark a flame and ignite your desires with a beautiful burning light. Choose a white candle to destroy negative energy and to purify. Choose yellow candle to inspire confidence and bring your plans into action. When you light your candle, visualize your goal growing like wild fire!



Plant Your Intention

Plant a garden or care for an indoor plant to recognize the earth element. This plant is the physical manifestation of your aspirations! Care for, and nurture your plant just as you nurture your goals.

Tip: Pick a bonsai tree! Caring for a bonsai tree will relieve stress, teach patience, induce peace and purify your home.



Wind Chimes

Observe the air element with nature’s instrument! Hang up a playful piece in your favorite outdoor space. Sit sukhasana and meditate on your desires. Imagine your goal as it floats with ease in the space around you. Add to the air element by incorporating your favorite deep breathing exercise!



Dive In

Take a dip in a decadent bath! Find some time for self-love with this element. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath as you think about all of the hard work you have been doing lately…and all of the reasons you deserve to accomplish your dreams!

Take your relaxation a step further and replenish yourself with a soothing milk bath or detox with a salt bath. Add flower petals and your favorite goal-setting crystals!

Good to Know: The fats and proteins found in whole milk may help give your skin an extra boost of hydration. Be sure to rinse off any residue afterward to reveal your skin’s glow!

Have fun trying out some of these rituals! Most importantly, practice dedication and self love as you manifest your goal throughout the moon cycle. You can download our moon phase calendar here for a better guide.


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