4 Zen Tips for Overcoming your Fears

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Has fear ever kept you from pursuing a dream? Now that the dust has settled from your New Year’s manifesting madness, is that little voice of fear starting to creep in? All of it seems so scary now! Right? Wrong.

Fear is sneaky. It wears many masks. Your surface emotion could be anger or sadness, but at the root…fear is there. And what breeds this feeling is either a fear that you won’t get something that you need/want or fearing that something you have will be taken from you.

I am confident that you can power through fear to get to the bright shiny light on the other side, and here are 4 steps to get you motivated.

You are not alone

I know this might seem obvious, but it’s a step we often forget. I’m certainly guilty of it! While you might think that you are the only one feeling this way, it helps to know that you are not alone. I invite you to open up to your people about your fears. When life’s toughest moments happen, lean on your fellow goddesses as a safety net.

Does your safety net need a boost or are you on the hunt for a new soul sister? Check out this recipe for a magic charm bag to help set your intentions on conjuring friendship.

Friendship Charm Bag

  • Choose a pink or green bag for friendship or throw some protection into the mix by using a gold charm bag.
  • Amethyst for wisdom and intuition in social situations.
  • Yellow rose or rose petals for joy and friendship.
  • Add a black and white item to symbolize yin and yang harmony. I used a piece of textile and a heart-shaped piece of howlite.
  • Write down your strengths in relationships along with what you seek in a friend.

Holding your charm bag, visualize your intention for it, and place it somewhere visible, like your altar nightstand.


Little phrases can seem so inconsequential at times. But let me tell you, these mantras can single-handedly slay some of your most consuming fears! It’s just that split second when you are standing in the midst of fear – either you act on it OR one of these chants goes through your head instead!

Using mantras can take practice. Try writing some of your favorite mantras on post-it notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror, at your altar, or on your desk.  My new favorite fear-squashing mantra is Feel the fear and do it anyway.


Here are some other favorite quotes for overcoming fear:

Your largest fear carries your greatest growth

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear

Never let your fear decide your future

Vision Board

Have fears about your future ever been responsible for holding you back? Don’t let fears bog you down. Instead, create a vision board to propel you forward!

The future doesn’t have to be scary. Start painting a positive picture by manifesting your vision with images or words from magazines, and other found items.

My favorite way to create a vision board is making mini ones for each area of my life. I use index cards and then laminate them so they’re easily transportable and can come along with me to offer inspiration wherever I go!


What would a Zenned Out blog post be without some crystal love? Place a layer of fear-crushing crystal love in your pocket, your purse, or under your pillow for a subtle reminder to push through your fears.


Your fear-crushing crystal crew:

  • Smoky Quartz: It’s easy to get lost in the stories we tell ourselves about our fear. Grounding stones like this can help pull you back down to earth and stay focused on your path.
  • Malachite: Overcoming fears often brings times of transition. Malachite is the perfect stone to offer you calming energy during times of change.
  • Orange Calcite: If you have emotional blocks that are causing your fear, orange calcite is your new bestie. This stone is great for relieving emotional blocks that may be causing you to fear.

With these soulful tools in your toolbox, you can take on your fears with self-love and confidence. You’re not alone and the universe is rallying around you to reach your goals!

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