5 Rituals for the New Moon

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One of the beautiful things about living with the moon is that each month, we get the opportunity to reset, reevaluate, and set intentions for the month ahead. This time is the new moon. New moon energy is conducive to resting, receiving downloads from the Universe, and checking in with yourself. Think of it as the New Year’s Day you get to have every month!

One way to celebrate the new moon is to do rituals. Scroll down for five rituals to help you connect with the energy of the new moon.


Create a new moon altar

One beautiful way to honor the new moon is to create an altar. You can ritualize altar creation by following your intuition! You can put anything on your altar that symbolizes newness, openness, and beginnings to you. Here are some ideas:

  • A white candle for newness and purity
  • Amethyst to connect with your intuition
  • Howlite to receive messages from the Universe
  • Flowers and plants (gathering these on a meditative walk through your backyard or local park can be a really nice way to connect with this time!)
  • New moon card
  • Any or all of the aces in the tarot
  • Images of goddesses you’d like to work with this month
  • Your new moon intention/intentions written on a piece of paper
  • Any oracle or tarot cards symbolizing what you want to call in this month
  • Any of these herbs: lavender, angelica, blessed thistle

Candle magick ritual

For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • A white candle for newness and purity
  • An essential oil that corresponds to your intention or a simple oil like grapeseed
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen

Charge your candle with your energy by rubbing it with the oil of your choice. Write your intention for this cycle on your piece of paper and place it under the candle. As your candle burns, meditate on your intention.

You might like to state your intention out loud as the candle burns or chant a mantra that’s meaningful to you—I like to use the Kundalini mantra for manifesting, Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.

Let the candle burn all the way down, and bury the wax outdoors if you can.

You can learn more about candle magick here.

Burning ritual

One simple and powerful ritual to do at the new moon is a burning ritual. Ask yourself: what do I want to release and not carry with me into this new cycle? And what do I want to manifest with this new moon?

Meditate on these questions, or you might try the visualization meditation below.

When you feel ready, write a few words symbolizing what you would like to release on one side of a small piece of paper. On the other side, write a few words symbolizing what you would like to call in.


Burn your paper over your cauldron or fire-safe dish, and as the smoke wafts up to the ceiling or the sky visualize the energy of your desires wafting up into the universe, releasing and calling in at the same time.

Finish with “This or better make its way to me. And so it is.”

Visualization meditation

Spending 10-15 minutes feeling into the energy of your desires can be so powerful at this time. For your meditation, you might like to have amethyst to connect with your intuition and howlite to open yourself up to receive messages from the Universe, or you might like to wear jewelry to open your third eye and crown chakras.

A few mantras you might like to hold in your mind as you visualize receiving what it is you would like to receive are:

  • All that I desire is already here.
  • Abundance flows to me from the Universe and I receive freely without hesitation.

Allow your mind to wander and your imagination to create your ideal world. Imagine how it feels to be working with the client you want to manifest, to live in the dream home, to have the relationship you desire, whatever it is.

End by thanking the Universe for always supporting you.

You can also try our guided meditations here

Tarot spread

Giving yourself a tarot reading on the New Moon can be a beautiful reset for the cycle ahead. Pull a card for each of the questions below, and allow yourself plenty of time to journal around what comes up for you afterward.


  • What wants to come through me this cycle?
  • What shadow am I going to be working with this cycle?
  • Advice for working with this shadow
  • How can I ensure that my New Moon intentions are aligned with my highest good?
  • Energies that will support me during this cycle

Below you can find more ideas for New Moon rituals

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