5 Surprising Quartz Crystal Ball Uses

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We all want our crystals to be multifunctional, right? The fact that they’re beautiful is nice and that many of them offer healing benefits is even better!

When it comes to getting the most out of your crystals, the quartz crystal ball is where it’s at. Think of the quartz crystal ball as the Goddess of all crystals.

Sure, you’ve seen crystal balls played out in Disney movies and maybe even the magical crystal ball juggling by David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. But, crystal balls go way beyond the fortune teller stereotype.

Now, I have to be honest with you, I told a little lie, I really only have 4 surprising uses for a crystal ball. The first one is totally expected, but I couldn’t pass it up! All of these uses, expected and unexpected, will have you glued to your crystal ball and reaping all of its magical benefits.

Fortune Telling & Asking Questions

Since we went through the basics on the blog last week, today let’s start with the most obvious use for a crystal ball: asking questions, fortune-telling and crystal gazing.

It’s time to take your intuitive training wheels off and dive into trusting your natural abilities with a crystal ball. Reading crystal balls may not be as popular as tarot or oracle cards because there’s no guidebook for this intuitive tool. Crystal ball gazing requires you to build up a symbol vocabulary of your own and truly trust the messages you receive. Here’s a shortlist for reading your crystal ball and asking it questions.

How to Read your Crystal Ball:

  • Center yourself, and try to reach a meditative state before you begin. Use any method you like to do this, breathing or a short guided meditation will work.
  • Energetically attune yourself to your ball. You can do this by placing your hands on the sphere until you feel the ball is connected to your energy.
  • Begin gazing into your crystal ball. You can even imagine yourself becoming a part of the crystal ball or going within it.
  • Mentally or aloud ask your question, if you have one, or simply allow information to come to you.
  • As you gaze, be open, and allow images to form. Images may come as shapes you see in the crystal itself (almost like seeing forms in the clouds), or you might see images appear in your mind’s eye. Don’t expect to see a movie scene appear in your crystal ball, our favorite childhood movies have exaggerated this part a bit! Imagery may come to you in a variety of ways, there’s no wrong way to receive a message.
  • Once you’re content with the message you’ve received exit the crystal ball the same way you entered it. For example, if you imagined going within the sphere, imagine leaving the crystal ball in the same way.
  • Thank the crystal ball and cover it, if you use a cover.

Don’t give up! Crystal gazing isn’t easy and may a bit of practice before you start seeing results, but is a great way to sharpen your intuitive skills.

Even though fortune-telling may be the most common association with a crystal ball, it’s certainly not the only use. Read on to learn some unexpected uses for your new crystal bestie.



It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of a crystal ball, so it’s not hard to imagine using it as a meditation tool. Similar to the art of candle light meditation, meditating with a crystal ball can effectively bring you to a deep meditative state.

To use your crystal ball as a meditation tool, stare into it just as you would for a reading. Notice everything you see within the crystal ball but rather than trying to analyze it, simply notice it and then let it go.

Let the soothing energy of the quartz wash over you as it calms and centers your mind.

Clearing Negative Energy

Quartz crystal is a powerful stone for clearing negative energy and balancing the chakras.

A quartz necklace is perfect for personal clearing and balancing but if you want to keep your office or home negative-free, a quartz sphere is the way to go! The spherical shape is what gives a quartz ball its cleansing and balancing superpowers. Unlike a crystal wand or point, a crystal sphere will emit smooth and even energy in all directions. This is why is perfect for large spaces.

If you’re using a crystal ball for energetic cleansing and balancing it’s best to have one specifically for this purpose and another for reading and meditating with. But let’s be honest, do we really need reasons to buy more crystals?

Inspiring Creativity

This is the perfect tool for getting out of a creative block! Similar to using it as a meditation tool, gaze into the sphere to clear your mind of your creative woe’s and allow your mind to focus on the emptiness of the crystal ball. Here’s some crystal ball inspiration from Uma Silbey’s book Crystal Ball Gazing:

Just by gazing you stimulate your third eye, the subtle energy center associated with,
among other things, intuition and creativity. This will help open you to the creative
flow….As I gaze, I free my mind of everything I was saying and thinking and let it rest
empty and clear…. After I’ve rested my mind for a few moments, I focus on my topic
afresh, while still gazing into my crystal ball. Soon all of these new ideas start coming to me.

Next time you find yourself unsure of how to move forward on a creative project take a break to gaze into your crystal sphere.

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Sending Messages

Here’s another gem from Uma Silbey’s book Crystal Ball Gazing! Even though sending messages with your crystal ball is for the practiced gazer, it’s a use that’s still worth discussing.

Once you’re in a meditative state during gazing, imagine the person in the crystal ball, then send them the healing message you’d like to share with them. Spend as much time as you’d like sending them positive energy and messages.

After you finish, Uma also suggests setting your crystal ball on an altar for the same person to amplify the message.

I could go on because the uses for these beauties are endless, but I’ll let you start enjoying your crystal ball instead. Before you run out to get your own quartz sphere be sure to check out my last post on how to choose one and take care of it properly here.

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