5 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

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Here we are, at the culmination of everything you set out to manifest with the new moon. You planted seeds of goals and intentions with all of your best effort and resources, and you have finally arrived at the full moon.

On the 16th of this month, the moon will shine in all of her full-bodied glory. The full moon will be at her peak of life and power, and I’m going to share with you a few ways to tap into this power!

Burn a Habit

It’s been said that the light of the full moon illuminates the things that no longer serve us. Take advantage of this by releasing fears, bad habits and negative self talk. How, you ask? Burn them to the ground! (With caution of course.)


Under the light of the full moon write down these items on little slips of paper. Add them to a mason jar with a lit candle in it (OR if you are super rad and have a cauldron handy, then use that instead). As you see, these “bad habits” go up in smoke. Send them up to the moon!


Gratitude List

Since the new moon, you have been manifesting your intentions and surely you have experienced some success! Begin a list that includes all you have to be grateful for. Don’t forget to include the items you perceive as failures. There are lessons to be learned there! When you’ve completed your list, give a gift back to the moon for all she’s given you! Try an offering of dried flower petals.  Notice I always enhance my Moon ritual with Moon phase rings and bracelets.

Moon Phase Jewelry


The energy of the full moon is extremely purifying. Couple this with a favorite smudging routine to cleanse your sacred space. Clear away emotional garbage with holy Palo Santo wood (not only does Palo Santo clear away negative energy, but it also increases prosperity). Leave this fragrant wood burning in an abalone shell and use a feather to spread the smoke. By using a feather you can call your angels to your side, bringing a harmonic and loving energy.

Moon Phase Ring

Ask for More

Float your desires in water to ask for an increase of something in your life. The moon has a special relationship with water. The energy of the earth and the moon pull at each other, but the earth just can’t hold onto its water. During a full moon, the Earth’s tides are amplified. So, to amplify results for your desires, float them in water in a glass bowl under the light of a full moon.


Moon Bath

Use the full moon’s detoxifying properties to draw out mental, emotional and physical toxins. If possible, add Himalayan salt crystals to your bath during the full moon. Here’s a crystal we’ve yet to talk about on the Zenned Out blog! Himalayan salt crystals are a super pure mineral-rich salt that is mined from ancient sea beds. It has a number of detoxifying benefits…balancing pH, reducing inflammation…and when mixed with water this crystal’s energy can be felt in full force! Dissolve 1-2 cups of Himalayan salt in warm water for your cleansing moon bath!


I hope you enjoy these tips and make it a regular practice to honor the moon’s cycle. By doing so you will align yourself with the rhythm of the universe!

If you haven’t already grabbed one of our free, printable moon phase calendars you can grab one by clicking here. Have a favorite full moon ritual that we didn’t go over? I’d love to hear about it, let me know in the comments!

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