5 Ways to Increase Your Energy Frequency // Guest Post by Reiki Master Deborah Arconti

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Did you know that by increasing your energy frequency you’ll be able to align with the vibration of your higher self, or soul, more easily and regularly? That’s just one of the many benefits you’ll experience from raising your energy frequency.

Along my journey, I’ve come to realize that raising my energy frequency and connecting with my higher self is the key to manifesting the path of my life’s purpose. Raising your frequency is a powerful tool that’s available to you at any time.

You may also feel more connected to your internal abundance and gratitude. This could lead to attracting more material wealth but also squelch any feelings of lack or scarcity you may be harboring.

The most potent side effect is that you’ll be exuding love and light. Can you imagine the world we’d live in if everyone was exuding more love and light?

If this message is resonating with you, allow me to share a few ways to increase your energy frequency.


There are obviously more than a handful of ways, so please consider the following to be a start point and an overview of ways to raise your energy frequency. I’ve included five sections, one for our five most commonly recognized senses – sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight:


432hz and 528hz music has improved my life and been one of the most essential influences in raising my energy frequency. It’s also one of the most simple and fastest ways to shift your energy frequency, as well. Hop over to YouTube and type in some variation of ‘432hz relaxation music’ or ‘528hz music’ and you’ll find dozens of options.

When you start your day, are in the middle of a lunch break at work, or are coming home after a busy day, switch on one of those tracks, unwind and enjoy the good vibes that emanate from your speakers or headphones. You can also enjoy sound healing from tools like singing bowls, tuning forks, and instruments.



Massage, Reiki energy, body crystal grids, and many other forms of self-care, will certainly lift you to a high vibrational frequency through touch. Personally, I’ve found Reiki energy healing particularly helpful in bringing my energy up. Reiki is a healing modality that allows energy to become unblocked from our chakras, and flow freely, transferring stagnant energy back into the universe. There’s no doubt in my mind that Reiki shifts me to a higher vibrational frequency.



Food is a deliciously vital source of energy. Not surprisingly there are several foods that can help raise your energy frequency. Try sticking to organic for the purpose of raising your vibe. On the go, some of these may seem tricky to incorporate so I’ve included a list of easy-to-grab foods and drinks to raise your energy frequency. Bonus, these foods will also help to avoid falling into the trap of reaching for a sugary or highly processed and low-frequency shortcut.

  • Clean Spring Water
  • Green Juice
  • Fruit
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Herbal Teas
  • Fermented Foods



Maybe you live in the desert Southwest, and it’s monsoon season. Creosote smells so lovely! Maybe you live somewhere near the forest? Take a moment and breathe in that fresh, clean air. Do you reside by the Pacific or Atlantic coast? Mmmm, those ocean scents are amazing! When we take a moment to enjoy the scent in the air it will connect us closer to nature. Pausing for a moment (or three) to breathe in all the beauty that is around can really help in reconnecting to source.

If you live in a city, or a more polluted area, essential oils are a great substitute with a similar capability of increasing energy frequency. Here are some of the best essential oils for raising your energy frequency:

  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Deep Forest

On the go? Check out this previous post for DIY rollerball essential oil blends.



What we see, in terms of the visible color spectrum, is a limited view of the full electromagnetic spectrum. As it relates to the energy of colors, consider that the clothing you choose to wear, as well as the colors of the crystals that you accessorize with serve as an everyday way to raise your frequency.

The color violet is the highest frequency of the visible spectrum and also correlates with the crown chakra. On the opposite end of the visible spectrum is the color red, which is connected with the root chakra. If you’re curious to learn more about chakras, check out this article to learn more about the seven chakra symbols and their meaning.


Perhaps you’re feeling lighter already, just from reading this, I know I am! Learning the importance of connecting to the wavelength of our highest self, by practicing ways of raising our energy frequency, is vitally rewarding.

Love and Light,

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