6 Ways to Align Yourself with the Energy of Imbolc

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Imbolc is a sabbat on the Wheel of the Year that happens on February 1st.

At Imbolc, the Earth is beginning to wake up and we celebrate the approaching return of spring. We are through the hardest and darkest part of the winter, and we begin to prepare ourselves to direct our energy outwards again in the lighter part of the year to come.

The word Imbolc means “in the belly” – offering us the promise of hope, renewal, of the awakening of the Earth again. 

Imbolc is also deeply associated with the Celtic triple goddess Brighid and her sacred flame. Brighid was one of the most powerful and most loved goddesses in Ireland, and she is the goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She is associated with the hearth, fire, the home, and water. At Imbolc, as the Earth reawakens, Brighid is said to be in her maiden aspect.  

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some ways to align yourself with the sacred energy of Imbolc. Keep scrolling to read them!


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Imbolc is a beautiful time to clear some space for the new beginnings to come – physically, emotionally, and energetically. This could mean literally cleaning your home and donating things you no longer use, or it could be about letting go of an unhealthy pattern, belief system, or even identity. Whatever it is for you, it’s time to clear space in order to plant seeds for spring.


Honor the goddess Brighid in whatever ways feel good to you. Writing poetry, reading poetry, and making something with your hands are all beautiful, tangible ways to honor Brighid. You could also sit in meditation and ask Brighid to come visit you and share messages with you.


As I mentioned above, this sabbat is deeply associated with fire, the sun, and the sacred flame that burns within. You might connect with fire by going outside during the day and sitting in the sun, lighting candles or burning a fire in your fireplace, meditating on the sacred flame within, or doing a fiery movement practice to open your solar plexus.


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Create a fresh altar with items and symbols that invoke new beginnings, hope, fire, and awakening. Some suggestions:

  • Seeds 
  • A Brighid cross (click here to learn how to make one)
  • Fertility symbolism 
  • Blackberry
  • Tiger’s eye, citrine, or carnelian crystals 
  • An image of Brighid – print one out or use her card from a goddess oracle deck if you have one 
  • White and red candles
  • Frankincense or dragon’s blood incense 
  • A bowl of water 


As always with building altars, get creative and use your intuition!


Brighid is said to be in her maiden aspect at Imbolc, so we’re all invited to tap into our inner maiden. Connect with the young part of you that is playful, that believes in magic, that has a vivid imagination. Let yourself embody creation, pleasure, and desire – whatever that means to you.


If you haven’t been resting through winter and really sinking into the winter invitation of sacred solitude, this is your last opportunity to connect with this energy. If you have been resting and feel excited about spring, preparing for spring could mean starting to plan, organize, and align yourself to set some strong foundations for spring growth.

Wishing you a beautiful Imbolc, goddesses! Learn more about the Wheel of the Year in The Goddess Discovery Book here.


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