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My Sketching and Journaling Practice

October 8, 2014 1:46 am Published by

Hello friends! Today I am excited to share with you my practice of sketching and journaling. I use my sketchbook for journaling, drawing and doodling. It is a huge source for stress release for me, as well as being a wonderful creative outlet. Some of my favorite journaling techniques to battle fear and anxiety are writing a list of affirmations like, “I am good,” “I am healthy,” and “I trust that everything will be exactly as it is meant to be,” etc. Sometimes I write love letters to myself, which are especially helpful when I’m being really hard on myself.... Continue Reading

You Run the Day

October 6, 2014 1:43 am Published by

Well, another new week! I hope it wasn’t too hard to get out of bed for you this morning! I set my alarm early so I could snooze a little extra and still be sure to make it to my morning yoga class. Now I am listening to an 80’s playlist and it is helping me kick-start my week with super productivity! And, in the name of getting sh*t done, here is a little quote to inspire you to run your own day and not let the little, annoying things get in the way!

Be Filled with Wonder, Be Touched by Peace ♥ ☾ ॐ

September 29, 2014 1:41 am Published by

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today I wanted to share a quote that has spoken to my soul recently–a mantra for how to live daily. Look at the world and those around you with wonder and do not worry, go about your day gently and peacefully.

A Rainbow of Gifts

September 26, 2014 1:40 am Published by

Etsy never disappoints with quality, handmade goods that will brighten up your day! Here is a little collection inspired by the rainbow!

It does not matter how slowly you go…

September 22, 2014 1:38 am Published by

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! As you may have read this past Friday, we have a lot going on here at the studio these days! With all that has been happening here, it has made me think a lot about how we grow as people and reach our goals. I have been inspired and encouraged by these wise words from Confucius–I hope they reach you wherever you might be in your creative and daily goals!

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