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Summer in the Southwest

July 3, 2014 6:56 pm Published by

You know, many people bemoan the sweltering heat and blazing sunshine that consumes the Phoenix Valley during the summer but as an Indiana native, I will gladly deal with 100+ temps for a couple months to avoid bitter cold snowstorms! They say, after all, it is a dry heat. 🙂 To avoid sunburns and ward off heat exhaustion, you will find me working away in the new air-conditioned Zenned Out Studio and searching for fun items on Etsy! The Arizona desert is truly a beautiful place and I found a few little gems that make me smile about life in... Continue Reading

Welcome ♥ Hello ☾ Namaste ॐ

July 1, 2014 6:19 pm Published by

Hello friends! Here we have the beginnings of a new place for musings, inspiration, happenings and learnings from Zenned Out Studio. ??? Not only do I hope for this blog to be a way to connect and build community, but I truly want it to be a place for inspiration and self empowerment. To introduce the main focus and kick off the blog, I would like to share this meaningful quote by Jim Elliot. These words encourage me to be intentional in my actions, engage meaningfully with others and be present in my experiences. No matter where the day takes you,... Continue Reading

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