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Tea Leaf Reading // How to Do Your Own in 7 Steps

October 2, 2017 4:31 am Published by

Looking for the perfect divination tool to get a glimpse of your future and entertain guests with for Samhain and Halloween? Tea leaf reading, or tasseography, is the art of using tea leaves for divination purposes. Many cultures believe that around the end of October the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thinned, so it’s the best time to perform divination of all kinds. What is Tea Leaf Reading? Doing a tea leaf reading involves you indulging in a delicious cup of tea and putting your sharp intuitive skills to work. After you enjoy your warm... Continue Reading

Living Your Truth // 7 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

September 18, 2017 4:59 am Published by

Ever wish you had a team of all knowing and enlightened beings to help you make hard decisions and put you at ease about being on the right path? This is available to you, right now, and I’m going to help you tap into this wealth of wisdom. Have you ever felt nudged to do something or not do something? Have you ever felt the presence of something or someone during difficult decisions or times in your life? Perhaps you’ve experience all of these things before but have chalked it up to your intuition, or maybe you’ve known all along... Continue Reading

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Intuition

August 14, 2017 4:31 am Published by

Intuition goes by many names: sixth sense, inner knowing, gut feeling. I’m sure you’ve had at least one experience when you “JUST knew.” Maybe it was a safety concern, a work issue or about a relationship. If you look back you probably didn’t say, “hey intuition, can you please give me some information about…” Nope. The insight came in a flash and you knew exactly what to do. What if you could call on that flash of knowing anytime you wanted? This post will help you do that with 5 simple tips on how to improve your intuition. Acknowledge Intuition... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Connect with Your Passed Loved Ones // Guest Post by Lindsay Marino

June 12, 2017 4:52 am Published by

Losing a loved one is something that is indescribable. It’s as if a part of you has died with them. When someone has a physical presence in your life and they’re taken away from you, it’s hard to imagine communicating with them when you can’t “see” them as you did before. With the loss of my own loved ones, I’ve felt so much grief, at times that I could hardly get out of bed. The moment I started communicating with them, everything started to shift for me. There are ways you can still continue communicating with them because they’ve actually... Continue Reading

5 Surprising Quartz Crystal Ball Uses

April 24, 2017 4:31 am Published by
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We all want our crystals to be multifunctional, right? The fact that they’re beautiful is nice and that many of them offer healing benefits is even better! This is one of the reasons I work gemstones and crystals into so many of our handmade jewelry pieces. When it comes to getting the most out of your crystals, the quartz crystal ball is where it’s at. Think of the quartz crystal ball as the Goddess of all crystals. Sure, you’ve seen crystal balls played out in Disney movies and maybe even the magical crystal ball juggling by David Bowie in the... Continue Reading

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