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A Brooch Collection

September 12, 2014 1:23 am Published by

Ahhh, the humble brooch. You know, I don’t think the brooch receives the credit it deserves–I think we tend to gravitate more towards necklaces when it comes to adorning our necks and chests but today I would like to consider the brooch. They can be small, with quirky details, or larger statement pieces that really catch the eye. Brooches can actually be pretty versatile–attach to your lapel, the top of your shirt or dress, pin an assortment onto a purse, or even put in your hair or on your shoes. I love the wide variety of brooches that Etsy sellers... Continue Reading

Etsy Art Roundup

August 20, 2014 12:48 am Published by

We moved into a new house this past June and one of my favorite things about moving into a new space is selecting and arranging art on the walls–special prints and art pieces just add that extra something special to the home, don’t you think? Here I have collected some of my favorite (and affordable!) art pieces from Etsy artists!

Sweet Treats for the Summer

July 18, 2014 10:46 pm Published by

Happy Friday friends! Etsy is helping me curb my cravings for all things scrumptious with these fun things in a sweet color palette of pinks, greens and blues. From top to bottom…A handmade, vegan leather clutch that looks so soft and the perfect size to carry all sorts of goodies!  Donut Panic! would be an awesome print for my office wall, humorously reminding me not to stress the little things–such a quirky, unique illustration! This beautiful silk scarf for a breezy summer night. I have one of these headbands and it is the best–it is impossible not to smile while wearing... Continue Reading

Summer in the Southwest

July 3, 2014 6:56 pm Published by

You know, many people bemoan the sweltering heat and blazing sunshine that consumes the Phoenix Valley during the summer but as an Indiana native, I will gladly deal with 100+ temps for a couple months to avoid bitter cold snowstorms! They say, after all, it is a dry heat. 🙂 To avoid sunburns and ward off heat exhaustion, you will find me working away in the new air-conditioned Zenned Out Studio and searching for fun items on Etsy! The Arizona desert is truly a beautiful place and I found a few little gems that make me smile about life in... Continue Reading

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