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The 4 Elements & New Moon Rituals

August 1, 2016 4:10 am Published by

Thank goddess for new beginnings! There’s nothing better than shedding old habits and introducing new ones. Maybe this is an annual tradition for you as you ring in the new year, but did you know that you can initiate a fresh start every month with the help of the new moon?!

Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals

March 28, 2016 5:45 pm Published by

By now you’ve been putting your crystal collection to good use (I hope you’ve been enjoying using the Flower of Life grid!). You’ve undoubtedly realized though, that these sweet little gemstones take on the harshest of vibes! Think of the amethyst you might keep under your pillow to rid yourself of restlessness, or the sunstone you’ve been carrying around to help pull yourself out of a funk.  Everything I explain below can be used to clean and clear your crystal jewelry as well. Have you considered a way to cleanse your crystals of these negative energies? Like everything that we... Continue Reading

Activating Your Crystal Grid

March 21, 2016 5:41 pm Published by

You’ve set an intention and created a beautiful crystal grid, but now what? Activating your crystal grid is a great way to spend more time with it, reinforce your intention for it and bring positive energy into it. We covered the basics of making a crystal grid for reaching your goals on the blog two weeks ago, and today I want to talk a bit about how to carry on with this practice.

Reaching Your Goals With Crystal Grids

March 7, 2016 5:33 pm Published by

I’m sure you’ve been working hard to stay focused on all those New Year goals you set intentions for in January. If you’re like me, you may need a little momentum after the buzz of the new year subsides. I’ve got some good news, not only are crystal grids beautiful but they’re also a great tool to help reach your goals.

On Resolutions

January 4, 2016 2:14 am Published by

There are so many interesting, reflective and personal ways to enter into a new year. Many people focus on a singular word to guide their focus, others discard the notion of resolutions, some make lists upon lists while there are those who carry on with the same goals as the year past. However you plan on entering into this new year, new season of life, I hope it is a genuine reflection of what you want, who you want to become and how you want to love others.

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