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Seeing the unseen // Scrying 101

December 11, 2020 3:58 am Published by
scrying 101 how to do scrying with water or crystals

Scrying is an ancient divination practice where you connect with your intuition and work to make the unseen seen by gazing onto a reflective surface. Scrying is a broad practice, therefore mentions of it pop up in a variety of places throughout history. Scrying is referenced in ancient Egypt, England, Greece, and Persia (to name a few.) Nostradamus reportedly relied on scrying for many of his predictions as well.  The tools you can use for scrying are as vast as its history. You can use crystals, water, the moon, fire, smoke, a mirror, or really any reflective surface.  Though clear... Continue Reading

3 Anxiety Reducing Tips for the Holidays or Post Election

November 14, 2016 4:02 am Published by
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Do you sense it? That palpable feeling of uncertainty, anger, and anxiety in the air? I intended to share this blog post closer to the holidays, but hey, I think we might all need it now and the holidays really aren’t too far away! If you’ve been sitting in a combination of befuddlement, anger, and anxiety over the last few days, like me, you might be getting to the point where you’re asking yourself, “what now?” Well, I might not have the big answers for you but I do have 3 quick tips for reducing your anxiety, which will hopefully... Continue Reading

3 Unexpected & Healing Uses for Himalayan Salt

November 7, 2016 4:24 am Published by
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Did you know that the Himalayan salt “crystal” is an up and coming contender not only in the kitchen but also in the medicine cabinet? What you put in fuels your temple. I know that you need your ingredients to pack a punch. Actually, you need salt to survive. It keeps hormones and nutrients in balance and maintains fluids. Since your body doesn’t produce salt, it’s counting on you to give it the purest option out there. Table salt isn’t going to cut it. Let me start though, by answering your first question… Is it really that different from table... Continue Reading

Understanding Birth Chart Basics in 6 Steps

October 31, 2016 5:00 am Published by
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So, you made birth charts for everyone you know but then they wanted to know what it all meant! Today, I’m going to help you decipher the lovely birth chart you made last week. Learning how to decode an astrology birth chart can be a little bit like going down the rabbit hole. Let me save you a headache and break it all down for you into six nice little steps! If you want to brush up on your astrology terms visit the first post in this series here. If you need to, grab your free printable birth chart and learn... Continue Reading

DIY Birth Chart in 10 Steps + Free Birth Chart Printable

October 24, 2016 3:59 am Published by
diy birth chart in 6 steps how to create your own birth chart

Have you ever wished that you had a roadmap for your life? But does the thought of making another adult decision cause you a little sadness inside? I’m right there with you. This week I’m going to teach you how to create your own astrological birth chart and you might be surprised how telling this chart is! Bonus, I’ve even got a free printable so your birth chart will be frame-worthy.

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