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Basic Palmistry // Mounts & Markings

February 20, 2017 4:58 am Published by
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Now that you’re a pro at the major lines from last week’s blog post let’s add some more to your palmistry know-how! This week I’ll be sharing about some of the mounts and markings of the palms. If you missed last week’s post click here to learn about the major lines and the history of palmistry. This week I’ll go over six of the mounts, or raised areas, of your palms and what they signify. I’ll also go over some of the markings you might find on your hand or during a reading and what they mean. The Mounts of... Continue Reading

Basic Palmistry // The Major Lines

February 13, 2017 4:12 am Published by
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Palmistry, or chiromancy, seemed like the perfect topic for the month of love! So, put down your phones and laptops (after you read this of course) and snuggle up with someone you love and have a look at their palm. It’s the perfect opportunity to take time with your loves, hold their hands and explore their past, present and future with the magic of palmistry. My father dabbled in palmistry when I was a young. I have fond memories of him reading my sister and I’s palms and teaching us what the lines meant. I’ll never forget what he taught... Continue Reading

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