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A Little Bit About Rumi

November 9, 2015 1:53 am Published by

Happy November! Can you believe we just have two more months in 2015?! I hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend! Now, to kick off our week, I would like to talk a bit about someone I am sure you have seen quoted here on the blog, on our jewelry pieces, and on our Facebook page. It is no secret that I adore the writings of Rumi. But do you know who this guy was?

Zodiac Symbolism

November 2, 2015 1:51 am Published by
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Do you remember the first time you learned about your own zodiac sign or spotted a zodiac constellation in the sky? I grew up with a grandma that lived and breathed astrology so I was introduced to the zodiac at a young age. Being exposed to the meaning of the zodiac as a child left a lasting impression on me and influenced many Zenned Out Jewelry designs. Researching where some of the zodiac symbolism came from was interesting, I learned some new things and hope you do too!

Move & the Way Will Open

August 18, 2015 1:30 am Published by

Have you ever heard of this Zen Proverb? Move and the way will open… This phrase seems so simple, yet, in actuality, there are many moments when we can just feel stuck. It can feel like nothing substantial in our lives is moving forward–creatively, spiritually, relationally, professionally, etc. Sometimes when we feel this way, it may be that we are holding onto something that is weighing us down. This proverb is an encouragement to let go, relax and allow for change in our lives. Perhaps we just need to make that tough decision and get moving. For me, personally, this is... Continue Reading

Wherever You Stand, Be the Soul of that Place ♥ ☾ ॐ

July 6, 2015 1:21 am Published by

What does it mean to be the soul of a place? Using this Rumi quote in my meditation practice, it draws many ideas to mind for me. Where do I stand on a daily basis? In line at the grocery store, at my work bench, outside while walking the dog, in front of other people. How can I infuse light and peace into those spaces? To be fully present, aware and grateful of that moment. I find the more I dwell on these ideas, the more powerful, real and significant they become. What are steps you take to be the... Continue Reading

What You Seek Is Seeking You ♥ ☾ ॐ

June 8, 2015 1:17 am Published by

Do you have dreams, goals and wishes for your life that keep bubbling to the surface? You try and push them aside and yet your mind is consistently drawn back to certain thoughts, perhaps specific people or events bring you back to these desires over time. This is the beauty of Rumi’s words, “What you seek is seeking you.” It is the belief that you would not have these dreams, goals and desires if the universe was not putting them before you. And they should not be ignored.

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