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Rituals for an Abundant New Year

January 2, 2017 4:31 am Published by
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What does abundance look like or feel like for you? Maybe it is money, but maybe it’s not. Abundance can come into our lives in a multitude of forms: health, equality, love, beauty or money. What is it that you’re hoping to manifest more of in 2017? More specifically, what do you want an abundance of? I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sharing ways to energetically prepare for the new year. First I shared a closing ceremony using Runes to help you energetically clear 2016, and last week I focused on gratitude rituals to start 2017 with an open heart.... Continue Reading

4 Gratitude Rituals for the New Year

December 26, 2016 4:38 am Published by

What does gratitude do for you? It brings a sense of peace within you where there might otherwise be turmoil. Gratitude calms your nerves and makes you right sized. Sounds nice, huh? All of that doesn’t happen on its own. Gratitude is a state of being that can be accomplished more readily if you are vigilant about revisiting the gratitude rituals that work for you…and maybe even throwing in some new ones! I try to incorporate a gratitude ritual every day. This allows me to access a better attitude in times of catastrophe, or rather…perceived catastrophe. Sometimes it’s hard for... Continue Reading

Closing Year Rune Ritual

December 19, 2016 4:08 am Published by
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Are you energetically ready for 2017? Are the happenings of this year and what’s to come in the new year swirling around your energetic field? The moment December hits I can’t help but start evaluating what went well and what didn’t for the year. The closing out of one year and beginning of a new year can cause quite the energetic upheaval for sensitive souls like you and I. Good news though, I’ve got some tools to help create meaning and ease the transition. The first step to starting a new year off is energetically clearing out the current year.... Continue Reading

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