Choosing Your Lucky Charm: The Use of Talismans

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Do you need a little extra luck for that upcoming project, adventure or dream that you’re planning to embark on? Talismans have been used since the dawn of mankind to enhance fertility, ward off evil and bring luck. These mystical uses are not just wishful thinking, there have actually been some recent studies that support the use of luck charms and talismans.

What is a talisman?

A talisman is an object believed to bring luck to its keeper. Talismans have been present since the Stone Age and can be traced through multiple cultures. Similar words for “talisman” can be found in French, Spanish and Italian. They are all derived from the word “tilsam,” which is an Arabic word meaning “charm.” Further roots are traced back to the Greek expression “telein,” which is “to initiate the mysteries.” These similarities in languages tell us that talismans have been used across the globe and throughout time.


Are there real benefits of using charms?

Okay, so here’s the scoop on why you should be using a lucky charm. In short, they’re basically holistic performance enhancers for your soul. That’s right, a totally natural way to up your game. In 2010, the University of Cologne performed a study on people who used lucky charms. The results?

  • Increased Confidence: Belief in a talisman in turn makes you believe more in yourself
  • Higher Goal Setting: When you have more confidence in your abilities you set your sights higher
  • Persistence: The belief that you have a lucky charm on your side enables you to push through until you’ve reached the desired result

Our Top Picks



Because the lotus flower grows beautifully despite its murky habitat, this might be the talisman you choose to rise above any murky waters in your life.



The hamsa hand brings luck by warding off the evil eye. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this has been a chosen charm for me. I’ve told you of a time that it has helped me push through a challenging yoga mala. What I didn’t tell you is that I began wearing the hamsa hand because I had someone directing bad energy my way, specifically towards my yoga practice.



Many of us know that dreamcatchers “catch” our bad dreams. However, they also have the ability to harness the magical qualities of dreams and present these qualities in our lives. So, dream big! This talisman represents success, balance, peace, creativity, and a deeper connection with the spirit.



If you lose your charm you might think you are totally doomed. Fear not! Often times when we lose our charms it is simply the Universe’s way of communicating to us that our charm has served its purpose and the job is complete. In fact, I lost my hamsa hand when the person sending me bad energy ceased to be in my life.

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