The Best Crystals For Each Zodiac Sign

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Your astrological sign comes with a variety of good qualities. Your zodiac sign also comes with some, let’s call them, growth opportunities. Working with the right gemstones for your sign will make you feel right at home, honing in on your best qualities while bringing balance to some of your pitfalls.

The gemstones associated with your astrological sign are not the same as your birthstone, though some do overlap. These are all crystals with specific properties to help bring tailored healing for your astrological sun sign. Think of them as your crystal “glass slipper,” they should energetically feel like a perfect fit!

To incorporate these crystals into your daily life, you can place them on your altar or nightstand, carry them in your pocket, or you can wear them. Keep scrolling for a couple of crystal suggestions for each zodiac sign.


Capricorn ♥ Dec 22 – Jan 20

Hardworking Capricorns will feel comfortable and empowered with the aid of grounding stones like these.



This grounding gemstone will make you feel comfortable and at home with Capricorn being an Earth sign. If you’re overworked, like Capricorns often are, obsidian can help strengthen your energy and auric field, bringing you back to balance.


Many responsible Capricorns find themselves in management and leadership roles. If you’re one of these lucky Capricorns, hematite is here to help! Hematite is a powerful stone for shielding yourself from negative energy so you can stand your ground and shield your energy.

Aquarius ♥ Jan 21 – Feb 19

Airy Aquarians can find balance with mentally clarifying stones.



This stone is the ultimate balancing gemstone for air signs like Aquarius. If you’re an independent and sometimes temperamental Aquarius, garnet can bring you some much-needed stability.


Aquarians tend to have very active minds, always thinking ahead and trying to figure things out. Let labradorite hone your mental chatter so you can put it to better use. Labradorite can help your psychic abilities while stifling some of your negative traits.

Pisces ♥ Feb 20 – Mar 20

Intuitive Pisces will find a needed mental escape with these healing gemstones.



This sign is susceptible to taking on the woes and sadness of others. Retreat to the healing power of amethyst to transmute your sadness into love.


Escape your Earthly troubles with this stone. If you’re a Pisces, you may feel a desire to escape reality, or like you don’t belong here, fluorite can give you a safe place to relax and temporarily withdraw too.

Aries ♥ Mar 21 – Apr 19

Fiery Aries always on the go will find much-needed recharge in these stones.


Red Jasper

Aries can be quick to anger, but red jasper is here to help! The grounding and protective energy of this stone can help quench your temper before you react to a situation.


This stone has intense energy and is perfect for a quick recharge. Aries tend to be continually going and love a good physical challenge. If you’ve overdone it and need a boost, ruby can help with this too.

Taurus ♥ Apr 20 – May 20

Practical Taurus will find flexibility and motivation with these stones.



Taurus signs are masters at completing their goals, and jade will make it even easier! Jade offers support for moving through challenges, tasks, and accomplishing your dreams. This stone will amplify your best traits, making attaining your desires a breeze.


Sometimes stubborn Taurus signs can find balance with this stone. Amber is excellent for releasing negativity and finding more flexibility in their unmovable personalities. This stone is also great for manifesting, which is a favorite hobby of Taurus signs.

Gemini ♥ May 21 – June 21

Gentle Gemini signs will find balance in the duality of their personalities with these stones.



If you’re feeling unstable or nervous from your dueling personality traits, agate can bring you a needed self-confidence boost and a sense of stability.


This stone can help you find focus if your mind is flipping back and forth. If you’re feeling indecisive about something, as Gemini’s often do, sapphire can help you follow through with decision making.

Cancer ♥ Jun 22 – Jul 23

Emotional and imaginative Cancer signs will be able to get their water fix with these stones.

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Cancer is ruled by the moon and is also a water sign, making moonstone an ideal fit. Moonstone has a special relationship with both the moon and water. Moonstone can help you get in touch with the best parts of your personality. If you’re feeling insecure, like many Cancer signs can, this stone is also very nurturing.


Cancer’s often long for the water. Even though Abalone isn’t a true crystal, it’s often found used in jewelry or as an altar tool. If you’re feeling called to the ocean but are landlocked, abalone can offer some serious water vibes to help you get your fix.

Leo ♥ Jul 24 – Aug 23

Sunny Leo will feel right at home with these radiant stones!



Though Leo’s are loved by many, this can make them lazy. If everything has come easily to you and you don’t feel like trying when the going gets tough, carnelian can give you the boost you need.


Let your best qualities shine brightly with this cheerful stone. Leo is ruled by the Sun and a fire sign, so this gemstone will help bring out all of your best qualities. This is also an excellent stone for Leo’s that happen to live in a cloudy or cold climate.

Virgo ♥ Aug 24 – Sept 22

Kind and cautious Virgo’s can find the confidence they need to speak their truth with these stones.


Blue Topaz

Earthy Virgo’s can have a difficult time connecting to their higher-self. Blue Topaz can help you tune into higher realms and boost your confidence in this area. Taking a less practical path might give you the perspective you need!


If you’ve found yourself consumed by worry or overthinking a situation, as Virgos tend to do, amazonite can help you separate your emotions from the situation so you can gain a sense of clarity.

Libra ♥ Sept 23 – Oct 22

Peace-seeking Libra will find just that in these gemstones.



Libra loves to be in relationships but hates conflict. Unfortunately, conflict will show up at some point even in the best of relationships. This master heart healer will help you stay balanced and help you release grudges more easily.


Libra is an air sign, so grounding energy is always a bonus! Bloodstone will not only help you stay grounded but help you keep your emotions balanced as well

Scorpio ♥ Oct 23-Nov 22

Passionate and intense Scorpio’s will find a sea of respite and love in these crystals.



Scorpio’s can come across as very assertive, which is an excellent quality in leadership roles but might sometimes need tempering when dealing with friends and family. As a water sign, you’ll find aquamarine to be soothing and cooling to your intensities. Aquamarine is also masterful at stabilizing fear and anger.


Scorpio’s have strong emotions that can sometimes be expressed as jealousy and an unwillingness to trust others. This gemstone can balance your powerful feelings and help you understand and accept the actions of others more readily.

Sagittarius ♥ Nov 23 – Dec 21

Positive Sagittarius signs will find needed protection and communication aid in these stones.



Sagittarius loves adventure. Don’t forget to bring some energetic protection along with you as you’re traveling the world. Turquoise is a powerful stone of protection that can also help keep your throat chakra in check.

Lapis Lazuli

Though Sagittarius leans towards optimism, they are fire signs. If you’ve been known to sling some hurtful words at your loved ones, this stone can help balance and restore your throat chakra for optimal communication.

These are just some of the stones that will benefit each zodiac sign. Want to find more crystals to balance your zodiac sign? The best way to find more gemstones for your sun or moon sign is to research your signs. Check out blog posts dedicated to each zodiac sign here.

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