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November 11, 2014 11:02 pm Published by

One of my favorite gifts to give friends and family for the holidays are fine art calendars. Not only is it the perfect time of year to give calendars but you can also share a favorite artist’s work in a meaningful way. And I guess I just love switching over to a new month and new image as the year goes by! Here I have collected a few of my favorite 2015 calendars from some amazing Etsy artists–take a look!

calendar collection

1. This calendar combines two of my most favorite activities–food and travel! The lovely illustrations will give your heart and stomach wanderlust all year long! 2. How awesome is this Dia de los Muertos tea towel calendar, the colors are amazing! 3. As you may know, I find the phases of the moon to be extremely meaningful and think it would be so neat to determine them everyday of the year from this lovely screen printed calendar! 4. I love this artist and purchased this calendar for my husband last year–I am going to be sad when 2014 is over and I can’t discover a new beer and food pairing every month! 5. This healing wreath poster calendar depicts plants, herbs and colors that have healing properties for physical and mental well-being. Pretty neat, huh?

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