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How do I know what ring size to buy? This is a question we get asked almost daily here at the Zenned Out Studio. With a quick Google search, you can find a lot of information out there on ring sizing and it can be quite confusing and mildly overwhelming! Here are some tidbits on selecting the right ring size for you.


Some things to keep in mind before you get started.  Different ring widths will affect your ring size. Most people will need to go up to a half to a whole size when wearing a wider ring band. Fortunately, most of our rings are adjustable! Another thing to keep in mind is if your fingers swell. Most people’s fingers swell a bit as the day goes on, or if it’s really hot (like here in Phoenix!), so it’s always best to size your finger at the end of the day at room temperature.


Ring Mandrels and Ring Sizers

These two are great methods for getting an accurate size! You can find both ring mandrels and ring sizers at most craft and hobby stores, like Michael’s, for under $10. Using a ring mandrel, you can place rings that you already know fit onto it to determine what sizes you already wear. Using a ring sizer you can get accurate sizes for fingers you may not have rings for by fitting the bands on your fingers. Keep in mind that most ring sizer bands are thin, so they will give an accurate ring size for a thin ring. You may need to go up in size if you’re planning to purchase a wider ring.


Measuring Your Finger or a Ring

Another option is to wrap a piece of string or paper around your finger to measure the circumference or measure the diameter of a ring that fits you. You’ll be able to look up these measurements on a ring sizing chart to help determine your size. Here’s a great conversion tool to plug these digits into and find your size.

Printable Ring Sizers

There are a couple of options for printable ring sizers. One method is similar to the string method. You can use this link to print off a paper ring sizer that will wrap around your finger to determine your size. And here’s another one that will require a ring you already own. Just print it out and hold your ring over the circles. You’ll want to match the inside diameter of the to the circle shape to determine your ring size. Be sure to read the printing directions carefully!

Online Ring Sizers

Last but not least, here’s a fancy tool for finding your ring size online which is pretty neat!

As if this ring sizing business wasn’t already tricky enough, be sure to keep in mind that different countries use different size charts. You can easily see how your size converts on this website. We hope that some of these techniques and tools help you find your ring size quickly and easily! As always, you can always email us with questions regarding ring size if you’re unsure.



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