Getting Started With Candle Magick

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If you’re on the fence about getting started with spellwork and magick, candle magick is the best place to start. Candle magick is simple, you don’t need much to perform it, and it’s powerful. You may even be using forms of candle magick in your home already and not even realize it!

I’m going to cover everything you need to know to get started with candle magick here.

How and why candle magick works

How often do you have a fleeting thought of acquiring a new object or setting an intention but neglect to follow through with it? Performing candle magick requires that you focus on specific goals and visualize them clearly. This often brings up emotion, connecting you even more to your desire. Think of the candle itself as a communication medium between yourself and The Universe. As your candle burns it is sending your request out into The Universe.

Candles also represent all four elements which make them a potent source of intention setting. The solid wax and wick of the candle represent earth, the flame represents fire, the smoke represents air, and the melting wax represents water.

All of these reasons combined make candles the ideal tool for spellwork and magick.


What kind of candles to use?

Any kind of candle will work, but you may find that you prefer specific kinds of candles for specific spells. I prefer to use 100% paraffin wax spell candles. They’re made specifically for candle magick, are easy to come by online or in new age shops, reasonably priced, and they come in a variety of colors.

Another great option is beeswax candles. They can be a bit pricier and harder to find but are a luxurious option because they’re 100% natural. Beeswax candles are said to emit negative ions (like a salt lamp), which is an added bonus.

If you don’t have either of these available, any candle will do, just be mindful of the color and scent of the candle as they will have an effect on the outcome. I cover candle color meanings in the last section of this blog post.


Preparing your candles

Before you start with any candle magick you’ll want to physically clean the candle and cleanse any negative energy from it. You’ll also want to anoint or “dress” your candle with oil. Keep reading for tips to perform both of these tasks.

Always begin with cleaning your candle first. To cleanse your candle start by inspecting it for any physical signs of dirt or dust. Next, you’ll want to cleanse the energy of your candle. You can do this by placing it under the light of a full moon, wafting cleansing herbal smoke around the candle, or by wiping it down with water.

Anointing your candle is an important step because it gives you the opportunity to imprint your energy onto the candle after it’s been cleansed. Select an oil that resonates with you or lines up with your intention. An essential oil or a simple baby oil will work. Put a couple of drops of the oil on your candle or your hands and rub it on the candle. As you rub the candle with oil focus on your desired outcome and imagine your energy and desire being absorbed by the candle.

Learn more about how to dress your candle for spellwork here.


Candle color meanings

These are basic meanings for each color:

  • Red: Strength, passion, intensity
  • Orange: Sensuality, vitality, expression
  • Yellow: Inspiration, confidence, clarity
  • Green: Renewal, abundance, prosperity
  • Blue: Peace, respite, psychic protection
  • Violet: Intuition, attunement, psychic ability
  • White: Newness, purification, hope
  • Black: Stability, perseverance, negativity shield
  • Pink: Love, romance, friendship


Getting started

  1. Safety first! Please ensure that you burn your candles in a safe space and never leave a candle burning unattended.
  2. Select a candle color that is in alignment with your intention. It’s always best to perform candle magick with a new candle.
  3. Cleanse and consecrate your candle keeping your intention in mind as you do this.
  4. Light your candle and watch it burn while focusing on your intention. Sit and gaze at the candle for as long as you’d like or space the candle burning out over several nights. If you space out your candle burning, don’t blow out your candle, instead, snuff it out with a candle snuffer. The candle snuffer will help seal your intent rather than blow it away.
  5. Be mindful over the next day(s) of how this exercise makes you feel about the intention you’ve set for yourself.

This is the easiest way to get started with candle magick. Get comfortable performing these simple steps and then check out this blog post with more detailed candle magick spells and receive a free candle magick printable.

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