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Today I am pleased to have Cindy of the Etsy shop Celine & Kate join us to talk a little bit about her handmade business! After moving from New York (where she had spent many years working as a fashion designer) to Arizona, Cindy discovered Etsy and decided to create her own home furnishings and decor items while in the midst of decorating her new home! Cindy loves selling on Etsy because it allows her to watch her two girls, Celine and Kate, grow!

How did you get started in designing/creating home furnishings?

I discovered Etsy when I first moved to Arizona. It seemed like such a creative outlet for me to experiment on making home items since I was in the mist trying to decorate my own. What started as handprinted curtains lead to creating pillow covers and then table runners. Mostly it was the perfect opportunity to finally work from home and be with my daughters and watch them grow. It was pretty hectic working in New York.

Cindy of Celine & Kate Etsy Shop

What puts you into a creative mindset? Where do you find inspiration?

Being in the fashion industry for so many years, I had loved and worked with pattern and colors. I get inspiration from nature, clothing, art, textiles and everything that surrounds us.  Inspiration is limitless. There is such beauty everywhere. I try to simplify motifs and things I love and make it bold, modern and sellable.

Cindy of Celine & Kate Etsy Shop

What is a major hurdle you have had to overcome recently?

I had wanted to create coordinating items to make shopping easy for customers. When I started, there was just one item per transaction. Now I have customers purchasing 3 or more items from me at a time. I have so many more ideas and work to do with merchandising but I am really glad it is finally starting to happen. I look forward to 2015 where I plan to set more goals!

Cindy of Celine & Kate Etsy Shop

What is your favorite part of your personal creative process?

Working with customers is really my favorite part of what I do. I get a lot of custom orders and communicating with clients to give them what they want is so rewarding. A lot of times, their ideas are amazing. The feedback and messages I receive in return to let me know they love my work is even more incredible.

Cindy of Celine & Kate Etsy Shop

And, lastly, what is an activity you do to unwind/just for fun?

Too many to name but here are are a few…listening to Pandora while working, antique/vintage shopping, seeking and testing new restaurants with hubbie and girlfriends. I love all kinds of music so Pandora is my savior! I usually start with Little Dragon in the am, switch to something more upbeat in the afternoon and then to a relaxation station during the end of the day. I love love vintage shopping and mixing mid century items with any style era for an eclectic mix. Being from New York, every restaurant seems great. Sadly, Arizona does not have too many so it’s a hunt but there are definitely hidden treasures!

Cindy of Celine & Kate Etsy Shop

Thank you Cindy for letting us peek into your daily life and see how you run your handmade business! Check out more of Cindy’s home decor goods here!

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