Jewelry Care


We use 1100 Food Safe Aluminum for all of our aluminum jewelry. Food Safe Aluminum is awesome because it does not contain the usual additives to aluminum that cause tarnishing or skin discoloration. So, your aluminum pieces will stay effortlessly shiny with almost no maintenance and will not color your skin. Food Safe Aluminum is hypoallergenic—fewer people have reactions to it than sterling silver. It is also lightweight and very malleable. However, please keep in mind that our aluminum jewelry is not recommended for water wear, as the darkened-in areas could fade. Aluminum pieces should be removed for hand washing, swimming, exercising and showering.

Aluminum Bracelets & Metal Fatigue

While aluminum’s malleability makes it easy to adjust your jewelry to fit you perfectly, it is vulnerable to metal fatigue and your jewelry can break if you bend it too often in the same place. If you prefer a snug fit for your cuff bracelets, it is best to make sure it is sized to fit your wrist well. We are happy to make our aluminum cuffs anywhere from 5″ to 7″ in length to accommodate different wrist sizes. Just mention your wrist measurement at checkout.

If your cuff is a good size for your wrist, you should be able to put it on and take it off without bending the metal repeatedly. To put on the bracelet, adjust the opening between the cuff ends so it is just wide enough to slip sideways over the narrow part of your wrist. Then, simply rotate the bracelet into place. To remove your bracelet, you can do this process in reverse—first, rotate the bracelet so the opening is toward the narrow part of your wrist, and then slip it off sideways. Once the opening between the cuff ends is set to a width that slips comfortably over your wrist, you shouldn’t need to bend the metal again. Putting on and taking off your aluminum cuff bracelets in this way should give you years of happy wearing.

Sterling Silver

We use .925 sterling silver for all of our silver pieces. Sterling silver is a hard, durable metal requiring minimal maintenance. While silver can handle some exposure to water, to ensure your sterling silver pieces stay shiny, it’s best to make sure that they are kept dry. If left out in the open air, sterling silver will tarnish over time. To protect against this, keep your silver pieces in a plastic or cloth baggie when you are not wearing them. In the event that your silver jewelry does become tarnished or loses its shine, you can purchase polishing pads from your local jewelry store for a quick touch-up.

Copper & Brass

Copper and brass can cause a natural greenish or bluish skin discoloration on most people’s skin. The amount of skin discoloration depends solely on your body Ph levels, and can vary greatly person to person. It is safe, harmless, and will usually fade in a couple of days. To help prevent both skin discoloration and tarnish, we apply a protective coating over all of our brass and copper pieces. If you prefer to not have this protective coating applied to your piece, please include a note at checkout, letting us know.

How to Care for Copper & Brass (with or without the protective coating)

The coating we apply is not permanent and will wear off over time. To extend the life of the protective coating we do not recommend wearing copper jewelry for showers, swimming or exercising. In the event that the coating wears off, you can either apply a coat of clear nail polish to the piece yourself, or you can return it to us to have it refinished and the coating re-applied.

To care for an uncoated piece of copper or brass jewelry, first of all, be sure to keep it clean and dry. After wearing, you can use a soft cloth to gently remove any dirt and oils from the piece. To prevent tarnishing, particularly in wetter climates, you can store the item in a plastic baggie. In the event that the piece begins to tarnish or lose its shine, you can also purchase polishing pads from your local jewelry store for a quick touch-up and refreshing of the finish. We’re also happy to include a couple polishing pads with future purchases—just let us know at checkout. 🙂