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It’s officially Gemini season, meaning that our new moon this month is in Gemini.

Quick tip: whenever we have a new moon, the moon will be in the same sign as the sun.

The new moon is our blank slate of the cycle. This month, it’s happening on June 3rd. We’ve cleared and released over the waning and dark moon, bringing us into a fresh, ace-like space at the new moon for dreaming, visioning, and imagining.

What do you want to heal, call in, and create more of this cycle? What habits do you want to create, what patterns are you ready to heal and reprogram, and what do you want to manifest in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms this cycle? These are all beautiful questions to explore on the new moon.

(Looking for some magical practices for this moon? Check out 5 Rituals for the New Moon and download our free moon phase ritual cards with rituals for every moon phase).

Keep scrolling to read your tarotscope for this Gemini new moon. If you know your rising sign, try reading for that sign first, but you can read the scopes for your sun and moon signs as well!


Aries/Aries Rising: 7 of Pentacles rx


You’re wanting things to happen faster than they are this season, Aries. You’re no longer where you’ve been, but you’re not quite where you want to be, either. Can you allow yourself to be in this beautiful liminal space, the space between where you’ve been and where you’re going. This is a time of transition for you, where nothing but trust is required. If you’re doubting yourself, know that just because you’re not there yet doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. This is a lesson in and of itself.

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Taurus/Taurus Rising: 5 of Swords


What’s your relationship to failure, Taurus? When you mess up, what are the stories you tell yourself and the internal dialogue you run around what it means? This season is asking you for some healing around failure: to get comfortable with failure, and to understand your baggage around it. Ask yourself, “What did I learn as a child about failure?” to get started.

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Gemini/Gemini Rising: 4 of Wands rx


Gemini goddess, this is your season! Your invitation for this new cycle is to lean into pleasure and joy. Create containers for yourself to experience what it feels like to be alive – whatever that means to you, whether it’s spending time with loved ones, creating art, hiking out in nature, or howling under the moon.

You might feel a little resistance to spending unproductive time purely in pleasure and joy. That’s so normal in our work-all-the-time culture! You can start small, just by carving out little chunks of time for yourself every day to experience pleasure without guilt. See if you can be fully present for those little chunks of time – and then let them get bigger and bigger.

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Cancer/Cancer Rising: Justice rx


Cancer, this cycle is all about truth and clarity for you. Where are you believing something because you wish it were true, not because it’s actually true? Where are you avoiding looking at what your truth really is, because you’re afraid? Where are you thinking you’re living in alignment with your values…but you’re not?

It’s okay to be afraid to look at the truth. But Justice asks us to cut away the BS and take a real, honest look at what’s actually true for us — and then follow it up with the necessary action. To cut the cords you need to cut. To shift the way you live to actually be in alignment with your values. To honor what you really need, not what you wish you needed or think you “should” need.

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Leo/Leo Rising: 8 of Cups


Leo, this season wants you to move on from something. Whether that’s a more comfortable but not soul-centered way of being, a way of talking to yourself, an old pattern, or something more external like a relationship (romantic or not) or way of being, this season is about honoring the truth of your soul and letting it guide you into unknown terrain. Can you trust your big heart enough to let yourself embark on a journey in which the outcome is unknown? Step into your bravery and trust your gut. Whatever it is you think it’s time to release, you’re right.

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Virgo/Virgo Rising: 3 of Cups rx


You may have a tendency to isolate when things aren’t perfect, Virgo. This season is asking you to honor your imperfection, your messiness, everything you think is less than desirable about you — and let your trusted community support you through it. I promise you, they love you because of your quirks, your imperfections, your messiness — not in spite of it.

Let yourself open and be vulnerable to share these parts of yourself with people you love, rather than pretending everything is okay and handling it all on your own. You know you’re perfectly capable of handling things on your own- but this season, goddess, you don’t have to.

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Libra/Libra Rising: Knight of Wands


Libra, you’re ruled by Venus so pleasure is an energy you know well. The Knight of Wands is here this season to ask you to weave pleasure into the fabric of your life. Can you let your pleasure show you the way? Can you decide the direction not based on what’s the “smartest” thing to do or what “makes the most sense,” but on what would feel delicious and nourishing and juicy for you? Get into your body this season, Libra, and let your joy show you the way.

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Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: 9 of Cups


Scorpio, this season is bringing you closer to what it is you truly want. Things may feel like they’re going super smoothly, so let yourself ride those waves and trust that you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing – to take you exactly where you want to go.

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Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: 7 of Swords


Sagittarius, this season is inviting you to stop comparing yourself to others. It can be easy to look at other people’s lives on social media and judge our own journey – thinking we should be further along than we are, thinking someone else is “better” than us.

The truth is, we’re all on our own unique path and those journeys can’t be compared. Delete your Instagram app, get outside, and trust your own process and your own unique timing. That’s where the magic is!

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Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: 3 of Pentacles rx


Things may feel a little stagnant for you externally this season, Capricorn – but a lot is happening underneath the surface. This season hits your 8th house of deep inner work, teaching you that the internal work is just as important as the external. Release yourself from the pressure of growing externally and tend to your inner garden this season, Capricorn. If you’re not sure where to start, try to implement a daily spiritual practice to facilitate your deep diving.

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Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Page of Wands rx


As adults it can be so easy for us to drop into the mindset of “I know.” We can lose the magic and wonder of curiosity. This season wants you to connect with the magic of being in a state of wonder, of “why not?”- rather than a state of “I know” and “I should.”

Traveling somewhere you’ve never been before is a great way for you to access a beginner’s mindset this season – more open, more soft, more curious. If traveling isn’t in the cards for you this season, see if you can explore a new neighborhood of your city that you’ve never spent time in before, or hike in a forest nearby that you haven’t been to before.

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Pisces/Pisces Rising: 6 of Swords


Pisces, what patterns and programming do you hold around asking for help and receiving support? This season, you’re being asked to let your guard down and allow others to help you. You love to give all your love and compassion, Pisces, but you need to receive it, too. Allow yourself to be held and nourished by the people who love you this season, and dive into some shadow work around the shame you may hold around receiving.

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