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Ever wish you had a team of all knowing and enlightened beings to help you make hard decisions and put you at ease about being on the right path? This is available to you, right now, and I’m going to help you tap into this wealth of wisdom.

Have you ever felt nudged to do something or not do something? Have you ever felt the presence of something or someone during difficult decisions or times in your life? Perhaps you’ve experience all of these things before but have chalked it up to your intuition, or maybe you’ve known all along that these nudges were spiritual helpers.

Can Spirit Guides Help You Live Your Truth?

Yes, the singular purpose of your spirit guides is to help you live to your fullest potential while you’re visiting the “Earth school.”

Your spiritual guides have been with you from birth and will be with you until you transition off this plane. They’re always here for you, ready to help, and they want nothing more than for you to succeed at living your truth.

Just because you’re not aware of them doesn’t mean they’re not there and I’m going to share some tips and tools for you to get in contact with them, but first, let’s cover what a spirit guide is.

What is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that are assigned to you at different times in your life to offer guidance. They are assigned to you based on your current needs. If you’re struggling with anxiety, you’ll have a spirit guide that can help you specifically with overcoming your anxiety. If you’re dealing with an especially difficult challenge in your life, it’s likely that you’ll have more spiritual aids ready to help.

Spirit guides come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of my favorite stories about spirit guides is from Rachel Dratch’s memoir Girl Walks into a Bar (yeah yeah, I know, doesn’t sound woo woo, but it is and is a great read too!). In her book, Rachel shares a story about going to a retreat to find her spirit guides and she’s shocked to find out that her spirit guide is a glowing blue dot. This is later confirmed by a psychic who was unaware of her previous experience at the retreat.

Blue dots, animals, angels, fairies, and ancestors, you name it, it can be a spirit guide. So, if you get a sense that your spirit guide is something unfamiliar to this earthly plane, it doesn’t mean that you’re losing touch with reality.

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with your guides can take very little work on your part because they want to help you! They might be giving you loads of signs already, but because you’re not looking for them you’re not seeing them. Here are 7 easy ways to start connecting with your spirit guides on a regular basis.

Use Oracle or Tarot Cards

Oracle and tarot cards are quite possibly the perfect tools for connecting with your spirit guides! This method does require a refined intuition. If you’re looking for some tips to hone your intuitive skills, check out this post all about intuition.

To begin, sit quietly, focus on your breath, and ask your spirit guides to come to you. I find that certain guides prefer certain decks, so if you have a variety of oracle and tarot card decks, begin by asking your guides which deck they’d like you to pull from.

Choose a question or a situation that you need help with and that you’d like to ask your guides about. Ask your spirit guides your questions aloud or in your mind, ask them for their guidance and help. Be clear about what you want. Spread out your cards and choose the card(s) that you feel called to. Always thank your guides for helping you once you’re finished.

Ask Their Name

A simple but powerful tool, ask for your guides’ names. I was shocked by how quickly one of the names of my guides came to me simply by asking. Knowing the name of your guide(s) will help strengthen your bond with them and when you need help, you can call out them by name. Keep in mind, the names you receive may be unfamiliar to you because your guides are not always earthly beings.

Ask for Signs

Usually, your guides are already doing this! By asking for signs you make a declaration that you will try to be more present and aware in order to receive them.

If you’re looking for proof of your guides being nearby you, ask them for signs. Be as specific as you’d like, you might be surprised by how spot-on your guides can be! One of the signs I use to know my ancestral guides are nearby are feathers and I always see more of them when I’ve asked for this sign.

You can also ask for signs about decisions or struggles you’re having. If you’re making some difficult decisions, ask for signs about how you should proceed. Be on the lookout for answers that might pop into your head or opportunities that seem to arise from out of nowhere. Be open to these signs being different or unexpected than what you imagined. Your guides have your highest good in mind even if the signs they’re sending to you seem out of place.

Write a Letter

If you’re struggling to connect with your guides, writing them a letter can be a powerful tool. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time to write to them. Write out all of the questions you have for your guides, any struggles you’re having, and what kind of support you feel you need from them.

Once you’ve finished writing, allow yourself 5-10 minutes of quiet reflection. Check in and ask yourself how you feel, if you have any clarity around the things you need help with, or if you feel the presence of your spirit guides.

Ask for a Dream or Meditation Visitation

If you’re a particularly visual person, you might want to see your spirit guides. Asking for a dream or meditation visitation can help with this and make them seem more real.

To request a dream visitation, before you go to bed ask your guides to come to you in your dreams. To request a meditation visitation as your guides to come to you while in meditation. Likewise, if you have specific questions for them you can request that from them for dreams or meditation as well.

Recruit the Use of a Pendulum

Pendulums are another powerful and simple tool for connecting with your guides. If you’re not familiar with pendulums, check out this post here to learn more about them and the basics of using one.

To use a pendulum to connect with your guides, start by quieting your mind, focus intently on requesting the presence of your guide(s), and then ask your question. Pendulums work best with “yes” or “no” answers, so be sure that you’re asking a question that can be answered with “yes” or “no.” Write “yes” and “no” on a paper, focus on your question, and hold your pendulum over each answer and note when your pendulum starts moving. This is just one method for using a pendulum, check out my previous post about pendulums noted above.

Ask Them Questions

Talk to your guides and ask them questions often. Always be specific in your questions, it will be easier for them to answer you. Talk to them aloud or in your mind, as if they’re a dear friend. The more comfortable you become at relying on them for their assistance the easier it will be for you to connect with them.

Your guides are always there waiting and wanting to help you! I hope you use these tools so you can take full advantage of the help of your spirit guides. Wearing a custom piece of jewelry with a symbol or phrase that reminds you of your guides can be a powerful reminder that they’re always there, you simply need to ask.

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