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Need a sprinkle of magic in your summer? Known in Voodoo as “gris-gris,” or to Native American’s as “medicine bags,” these good ol’ fashioned spells in a bag are sure to bring some magic into your life! For me, charm bags have some nostalgia surrounding them.


Growing up with my Grandma referencing her astrological charts and talking to spirits with her pendulum, I became very open-minded to all things woo woo. Though charm bags weren’t Grandma’s thing, I stumbled upon some magic books at a young age and was hooked. I created my first charm bag during middle school, in hopes to improve my relationship with my Mom. Like any good teen, I argued with her a lot. I’m not sure if it was the intention or true magic but our relationship did improve from that point forward!

This summer season, entertain your inner child by creating a custom charm bag (or two)!! I’ve got everything covered for you, from the container to its contents, a prayer to empower your charms, and even some printable “recipe” cards to have as reminders!


Click here to get your free printable recipe cards

When choosing a bag it’s important to pick an appropriate color that reflects the purpose of your spell, lucky for you I’ve done all of the work on these details! Don’t have all of the herbs or all of the crystals for each one? Don’t fret, using one or two from each category is fine. Remember, the intention behind your charm bag is the most important part.



Bag Color: Red, black, or gold

Herbs: Betony (protects against malicious fairies), cedar, cinnamon, mint

Gemstones: Black tourmaline, amber, malachite

Charm: Shell (to symbolize a hard protective surface) or a piece of a broom (to brush away negativity)

Prayer: “Minions of the dark now quit this place, for only light will I embrace.”

Imagine protective energy pouring into the bag and creating a force field of light around you as you place each item in the bag.




Bag Color: Silver, gold, or green

Herbs: Nutmeg, clover, ginger, fenugreek

Gemstones: Sunstone, moss agate, tiger’s eye

Charm: Moss; both Spanish and Irish moss are known to bring luck. Also, a horseshoe figurine.

Prayer: “Fortune smile on me this day, may all I need come my way.”

Imagine your hopes and dreams coming to you easily and effortlessly as you place each item in the bag.



Bag Color: Red, Pink

Herbs: Lavender, rose petals, a stick of cinnamon for passionate love

Gemstones: Rose quartz, copper, pink kunzite

Charm: Maple leaf; the sap of the maple tree makes sweet, rich syrup. So, the maple leaf symbolizes rich and full love. Or a triangle object to represent the love in the union of a mother, father, and child.

Prayer: “By air, earth, fire, and sea. Bring love to me.”

Concentrate deeply on the kind of love you want to bring into your life as you place each item in the bag.



Bag Color: Yellow, blue

Herbs: Peppermint, St. Johns Wort, Thyme

Gemstones: Amethyst, sunstone

Charm: Toadstone or something to symbolize the sun. The sun is the heart of the solar system and provides life to all living things on Earth, so it is a preferred talisman for health.

Prayer: “Keep my mind and body strong and fit. Strengthen both my heart and wit.”

Visualize yourself at your perfect physical and mental health as you place each item in the bag.


Click here to download fun charm bag recipe cards so you can easily assemble your own magic charm bags.

Carry your charm bag in your pocket, display them on an altar or prominent place to remind you of its intention, or gift it to a friend. Just like your crystals, you can set your charm bags out in the light of the full moon to give them a good cleaning. Whether it be for protection, luck, love, or health, have fun in the childlike wonder and playfulness of creating your charm bag!

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