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In the modern world, we’re constantly bombarded with opportunities for stress: over-stimulation from technology, the comparison game from social media, fast-paced work, and a fast-paced lifestyle where “busy” is often a badge of honor.

This post will walk you through some crystals and mudras (if you’re not sure what mudras are, click here to read an in-depth post all about them) to have in your toolkit when you need to de-stress. They’re powerful tools to help you relax, take a deep breath, get perspective, and connect with the peace that already lives inside of you.

I love both of these tools because they’re simple and easy to use on the go. So whether you’re stressed on the subway, on your walk to lunch, or at home, you can use these tools.



Samputa mudra

When we’re stressed, we sometimes can’t see clearly. Things feel like a much bigger deal than they actually are, and it can be hard to center ourselves.

Samputa mudra is here for you to find mental and emotional clarity, connect to your true self, and balance all five elements (fire, air, earth, water, and space or ether) within yourself.

To use this mudra, start by bringing your palms together at heart center. Hollow out a small space between your hands, keeping the tips of your fingers connected, and tuck your thumbs into that hollow space.


Prithvi mudra

Stress and anxiety are associated with air energy. What centers and grounds air? You guessed it, earth. Prithvi is Sanskrit for earth, and this mudra helps you get grounded, release stress, and connect with your roots.

To use it, simply touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your ring finger while keeping the other fingers extended.


Vayu mudra

I mentioned that stress and anxiety are associated with air energy. Vayu is the Sanskrit word for air. This mudra helps you regulate the flow of air in your body, releasing any excess air energy that might be contributing to stress.

To use it, touch the top of your index finger to the mound of your thumb and wrap your thumb around the top of your index finger, stretching your other three fingers out.


Aakash Mudra

This mudra is associated with the fifth element, space. Using this mudra increases that element in your body, connecting you to the universe and the power of the cosmos, detoxifying negative thoughts, and emotions, and opening your throat chakra.

If you’re feeling stressed and blocked from communicating that stress to help you process and release it, use this mudra!

Press the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your thumb, and straighten your other three fingers upward.





Howlite connects to the crown chakra which can help give you a clearer perspective on your life. It is a powerful calming stone that can help soothe and reduce anxiety. If your stress manifests as sleepless nights, try placing some howlite on your nightstand as it can help soothe anxiety and stress at bedtime.

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is one of the most powerful crystals for anxiety and stress. Its calming, soothing color and vibration help you reduce your anxiety and come back to your center.

Try keeping a small blue lace agate stone in your pocket or your bag to have with you while you go about your day.


Danburite is a deeply comforting stone. It helps you to have a more calm, positive outlook on even the darkest of situations and helps rid your body, mind, and energy field of stress.

You might like to keep danburite by your bed or under your pillow to help infuse your dreams with positive energy and start your morning off feeling calm and centered.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is grounding, centering, and helps to absorb negative energy (including stress). When you’re feeling anxious, try meditating with black tourmaline and visualizing all of your stress leaving your body and pouring into the crystal. When you finish, make sure you cleanse your stone using smoke, sound, or sun.


Lepidolite is a gentle stone that actually contains lithium within, an element often used in anti-anxiety medication. It’s a gentle, balancing stone that brings comfort and harmony. Use it as an aid during meditation, or keep it in your bag with you all day— this is another great stone to always have on hand!


This ancient stone is believed to reduce anxiety and insomnia (one of those awful cycles that makes you even more stressed). It helps detoxify your body and energy field and release any negative energy you’re holding.

If you feel called, drop a chunk of it in your drinking water and let it infuse the water for 30 minutes to an hour. Then mindfully sip your water and visualize all the negative energy being flushed out of your cells.

Which crystal and mudra are you excited to try first? What other tools do you use to relax when you’re feeling stressed?

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