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If you consider yourself intuitive, you’ve probably experienced a handful of unexplainable experiences. The kinds of situations you just knew were outside of the scope of what most would deem “normal.” Even when you walk a spiritual path, some of these experiences can still be jarring. Why? Because it’s not what most of us are taught growing up, it’s not what most of society deems as “normal,” and these experiences usually happen outside our usual physical senses.

I don’t usually get super personal here, but today I will be. Some of the experiences I’ve had over the last few years have shifted my business and life trajectory, and I know some of you have had these experiences too. It’s been helpful and healing for me to hear other intuitive folks talk about their experiences because it’s made me feel less alone and more empowered to walk this path. If sharing my story helps one person feel less alone and better able to embody their gifts, then this post has done its job. I’ve also recently opened my books to offer 1:1 sessions for energy work and intuitive mentorship and want to give you some context for this new phase of my work.

In this post, you’ll learn more about my personal story and initiation into the work I do now and some tips for coping with the onset of psychic gifts.

Before I begin, I also want to offer a content warning. I will be talking about death and dying. So if you’ve recently experienced a loss or are actively grieving, I want to let you know and allow you to opt-out of this share. 

Let’s dive in! Here’s a super-condensed version of my story. 

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My Story 

When I was young, probably around six or seven years old, I remember sensing, “hearing,” and even feeling the presence of spirits around my bed at night. It terrified me as a child. I honestly cannot remember if I ever brought it up to my parents or not. If I did, it must have been dismissed because it wasn’t ever discussed. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I heard other intuitive people talk about this same sort of thing. So many of us are open when we’re young, and I’ve since learned that experiences like this are the norm for many intuitive people. 

Even though I was brought up in a Christian household and was told more than once about the evils of witchcraft and tarot, religion was never forced on me. Much of my extended family was deeply religious, which certainly colored some of my childhood. Still, overall I was able to choose whether or not I wanted to participate in organized religion, which I’m still grateful for to this day (thanks, mom!)

My grandmother, on the other hand, was very open-minded. She lived by her pendulum and astrology. Her open-mindedness made me feel safe as a young person to explore alternatives to the faith in which I was raised. As a young teenager, I started reading some of her books, everything I read made sense, and it answered a lot of the questions that religion never did. I learned meditation and energy work techniques from these books and was surprised at how easily I could feel my energy and get into a deep meditative state. I was hooked. 

Much of my adolescence was spent holed up in my room meditating, performing spells, feeling my energy, and begging my sister to pose for me to see her aura (she would usually do after a certain amount of pestering.) I remember having an inclination that I must be experiencing something that most others didn’t. If other people could feel and sense what I felt from meditation and working with energy, they would do it too.

As a young adult, I became absorbed with studying Buddhism, yoga, and quantum physics, which have influenced my path in different ways. I completed my yoga teacher training in 2012 and always knew it wouldn’t be the core of my work, rather something to compliment my work in the future.

Though I certainly experienced a variety of intuitive hits and supernatural experiences throughout my young adult years, they weren’t anything out of the ordinary for me. The most prominent thing I remember is often having an inner knowing or receiving intuitive hits about my path. I always knew what my next step needed to be, whether it be, even if I didn’t honor it. And I quickly found out that if I didn’t honor the nudges, my physical health would suffer. 

When I moved to Arizona with my husband in the summer of 2012, things started to shift. My meditation practice became more regular, and I started having more intense premonitions, including my grandmother’s death and the birth of my soon-to-be twins. 

When my grandfather died in 2017, things started to get a little bit weird, even for me! My grandfather had been living with cancer for some time. I again had the sense when it was his time to pass, but this time something else happened. I would begin to feel his presence and hear him clairaudiently, saying that he needed help crossing over. At first, I’m not going to lie, I ignored him (sorry, Roger.) Ignoring him only made him more persistent. So I did what I knew how to do. I sat down, got in a meditative state, accessed his energy, and began moving and pulling energy to create a clear channel for him to leave his physical body. I got the call the next day that he’d passed.

cassie uhls story and finding support for new intuitive abilities

Now at this point, I hadn’t had any formal training with this sort of thing, and I was having a pretty hard time accepting this because I loved Roger (I was on a first-name basis with this grandfather.) I didn’t want him to die, and even though I knew he wanted help crossing over, it was hard not to feel somewhat responsible. I kept this experience a secret and chalked it up to being a fluke or merely my imagination.

In 2019 another family member on my husband’s side (who I’ve decided to keep anonymous to respect his family) passed. The same thing started happening. I knew it was getting close to their time, and I felt their presence. It had been so long since Roger had passed that I did the same thing and ignored them for a while, and again they did not leave me alone. So, I helped them, and they left their body shortly after. I should also mention that all of these instances were performed remotely. Each time these people were states away.

At this point, I could no longer shrug off two experiences like this as a fluke or my imagination. I eventually opened up to my husband about it, which was hard for him to grasp, and to be honest, I don’t blame him! I was still wrapping my head around it too. 

Side note, I’ll be digging into some tips for bringing this kind of stuff up with loved ones later in this share.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about intuition and nudges from the other side, it’s that if I keep ignoring something I’m intended to do, it won’t go away. I’ve even experienced physical ailments in the past due to ignoring my path. I knew I had to take some action and seek guidance about my new abilities. 

Years earlier, I’d been receiving energy work from my now mentor, Robin Afinowich. Robin is, among many other beautiful titles, a shamanic practitioner in a Celtic lineage. My work with Robin was deep, and she was someone I trusted. I decided to go back to her to discuss some of my experiences. She confirmed what I already knew: I was very open and that this was a path I could walk should I choose. 

That was in 2019, and it’s a path I’ve been walking ever since. I’ve spent the last two years learning from Robin and other Wise Women, practicing and honing my abilities beyond death midwifery. 

As you may have noticed from what I’ve shared already, my initiation into this work was centered around death, so hint hint, this is also where I feel called to deepen my work and offer more services. Though I intend to continue offering energy work, intuitive mentorship, and more books, my work will be centered around death and all that goes along with that (and it’s a lot.) So, if you’ve been hanging out with me for long, buckle up because things are about to get deep! 

I will definitely speak to this more in future episodes, but one quick thing I’d like to point out is that you do not need to be old in linear age or actively dying to benefit from learning about and ritualizing themes of death. There’s so much deep work that, in my opinion, we really need as a collective around death. Many of us have so much fear, anxiety, and stigma attached to death. I’m really excited to begin sharing more about this topic and bring it to the forefront as something to learn from and explore. From a practical standpoint, I’m beginning training to become a certified death doula from INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association) later this year, so I will also be offering sessions more specifically around dying too. 

Fun side note for my astrology friends out there, I recently had a reading with my friend Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology, and one of the most valuable things she shared with me was having Pluto in my 10th house. Which, if you know astrology, you’re probably already chuckling about this “coincidence.” The 10th house is the house of careers, work, and social status. Pluto, which corresponds to Scorpio, is all about death, destruction, creation, and transformations. First of all, not sure how I didn’t catch that from looking at my chart myself, and second of all, things started making a lot more sense after meeting with Natalie! P.s. I’m linking Natalie’s info in the show notes if you want to connect with her or her work. She’s lovely. 

I’ll stop talking about death because I could go on and on about this topic, but I want to dive into some practical tips to offer if you’re feeling called to walk a more spiritual path but feel lost. 

Where to start if you’re experiencing intuitive and psychic abilities? 

Whether you have intuitive hits, are hearing spirits or feeling spirits, or just having a lot of unexplained synchronicities, here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years for navigating these waters. 

1. Family, friends, and boundaries

This one is tough and will be so unique to each person. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you who you decide to talk about and share your gifts with. I’ve approached sharing my work with family and friends on a very case-by-case basis. I know that there are people in my life more open to this sort of thing than others. If someone asks about my work and I know they’re not open to it or believe in it, I have a personal boundary that I will not share much. I will be polite, but I will not tell them very much because it’s not my job to prove myself or my abilities. On the other hand, if a friend or loved one is asking, and I know that even though they may not have the same beliefs as me, they’re respectful and open to learning, I will share more with them.

My suggestion is to be discerning about who you open up to about your gifts. I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not here to convince anyone or defend my abilities, so if someone wants to poke holes in my experience, that’s something for them to explore within themselves, not something for me to take on. Don’t waste your precious gifts and energy on those who already don’t believe you! 

I’m fortunate enough to be married to someone who believes in me and supports me even though he doesn’t have the same beliefs as me. If he didn’t, I’m not sure that we’d be married! 

2. Support, teachers, mentorship, and growth

Unless you were raised by an extremely open-minded, spiritual, or witchy family, it’s unlikely that you have a lot of close people in your life to talk with about experiencing intuitive or psychic abilities. I know how isolating it can feel to be experiencing supernatural-like events and not have anyone to turn to. Here are a few tips and suggestions for finding your people. 

First, let the universe know that you’d like a mentor or teacher. Every time I’ve felt the need for a mentor or teacher in my life, I always make a point to ask for one. Though it may not always happen in the timing I’d like, I’ve always been presented with the right teachers at the right time. 

There are so many talented teachers and mentors who offer sessions, courses, and mentorships online. What I do and encourage my clients to do is to meditate on whether or not someone is a good fit for you or if you need their medicine and notice how it feels in your body. You could also try using a pendulum or a sway test to determine this too. I’ve found that I usually get a pretty definite “yes” or “no” when aligning my path with a teacher.

coping with new psychic abilities and cassie uhls story

Second, connect with your guides more. We have so many teachers on the other side who are always ready to help us develop our gifts more. Don’t discount their wisdom, and I encourage you to seek counsel from them often. Here’s a great past post all about connecting with your guides. 

Lastly, don’t discount the power of online friendships. Some of my closest spiritual friends are people I’ve met online. Don’t be shy. Consider DM’ing people (not businesses) who seem like they’re in alignment with you. Many metaphysical stores have classes; this can be a great place to meet like-minded people, although I know this can be tricky right now with Covid.

3. Energetic protection and being scared of your abilities

This is always the top question I’m asked from anyone new to walking a spiritual path, especially if they’re experiencing psychic abilities. Though I certainly do not want to discount the possibility of experiencing harmful or malicious energy or entities, it hasn’t been my experience. Nearly all of the experiences I’ve had with the spirit realm have been overwhelmingly positive or neutral. I don’t tell you this to say not to be cautious. I say this to put you at ease because, in my experience, malicious spirits are not the norm or need healing as well.

The most important thing I’ve learned in my work is that I have agency over my energy. If someone or something is bothering me, I can say, “not right now, later,” or “not at all.” I know that I could have ignored the requests of my loved ones who were dying, but ultimately I decided not to because I knew I could help them.

If you don’t want to interact with something or someone, or don’t feel comfortable seeing, hearing, or feeling certain things, say so. I’ve found that spirit will usually not give me more than I can handle and that the spirit world honors my requests and boundaries. There are, of course, loads of different tools you can use to bolster your energetic safety should you feel called. Some of my favorites are smoke cleansing, black tourmaline, and calling on my guides for protection. Check out this past post to learn more about energetic protection.

Those are some of my initial tips and suggestions for handling the onset of psychic and intuitive gifts, but I know there’s so much more we could discuss! I always love to hear your questions, so if you have more on this topic, please share them on social media on my account at @cassieuhl or by email at to answer them in a future post. I hope that if you’ve experienced supernatural experiences and feel like you don’t know where to turn that my story offers some peace or at least a sense of not feeling so alone. 

My work now and how to work with me

As I mentioned, right now, I’m offering energy work and intuitive mentorship sessions. If you feel called to work with me, you can explore my energy work offerings here and intuitive mentorship offerings here. You can learn more about my work and what my sessions are like on my FAQ page here. I anticipate that I’ll begin offering my death doula services in the Spring or Summer of 2022.

Though I’ve been practicing this work for a little over two years now, I opened my books for sessions about a month ago. I’m so grateful to the beautiful souls I’ve been able to work with so far. Friendly reminder, my rates will be increasing on October 22, 2021, so now is a good time if you have been thinking about booking. I offered a lower rate initially because I knew I’d need to do some fine-tuning to my process based on feedback and how I felt about the work. I did, and I feel really good about the flow of my sessions. 

Those are some of my initial tips and suggestions for handling the onset of psychic and intuitive gifts, but I know there’s so much more we could discuss! I always love to hear your questions, so if you have more on this topic, please share them on social media on my account at @cassieuhl or by contacting me here to answer them in a future post.

I hope that if you’ve experienced supernatural experiences and feel like you don’t know where to turn that my story offers some peace or at least a sense of not feeling so alone. 

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