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Traditional numerology is similar to astrology in some ways. Like astrology, numerologists believe that your birthdate can give you clues about possible challenges you may face and what your purpose is during this Earthly visit.

Also, similar to astrology, numerology is a very complex system. No worries though, I’m going to break down the basics for you so you can quickly gain an understanding of what numerology is and how to start applying it to your life. I’m also going to give you an easy printable guide to find your life path number and understand what it means.

What is numerology?

Numbers are the language of the universe. Numbers cannot lie, no matter your background or faith, 2+2 will always equal 4. Numbers connect all of us, not only with each other but with nature, and the entire universe.

Every number carries a vibration of energy. In numerology, this energy is used to gain insights into your personality and your purpose here.


The numbers used in numerology are 1-9 because all other numbers can be made from these. There are also a couple of “master numbers,” 11 and 22, and some numerologists use 33 as well. More on master numbers below.

What is your life path number?

Your life path number is the most important number to learn when it comes to numerology. It’s the number that was assigned, or, predetermined by you, at the moment of your birth. Your life path number will give you an idea of what challenges you may face while you’re here, your personality traits, and your purpose for being here.


How to determine your life path number

Your life path number is determined by your birthdate. Each number is added up until you end with a single digit between 1-9. I break this down into steps below or click here to receive your free printable life path number guide.

Birth month added until you reach a single digit + birth date until you reach a single digit + birth year added until you reach a single digit = life path number

I’ll use mine as an example. My birthdate is February 14, 1984.

  • My birth month (no adding necessary) = 2
  • My birth date of 14 will get added up as follows: 1+4=5
  • My birth year of 1984 will be added up like so: 1+9+8+4= 22, 2+2=4 and then each of these numbers is added up until I reach a single digit: 2+5+4=11, 1+1=2
  • Which makes my life path number 11 or 2.


If your life path number adds up to an 11, like mine, or a 22, you may choose to learn more about master numbers. Many numerologists use master numbers, but not all. Some have even added a third master number of 33. I suggest doing research on both your master number (11 or 22) and what that number is added together (2 or 4). If you do fall into this category, you can decide for yourself which number seems to be a better fit for you.

What does your life path number mean?

Now that you know your life path number, let’s dig into what it means! Read below to learn more about your life path number or click here to receive your free printable download of life path number meanings.


Does something seem off about the information provided for your life path number? Here are two things to consider. One reason could be, six numbers make up your complete numerology birth chart, if something seems amiss, it may be worth your time to dive a little deeper into your full numerology birth chart. The second reason that your life path number could seem a little off is if you haven’t yet reached the point in your life where you’ve fully dedicated yourself to your life path. Listen to those inner callings! Perhaps you are more destined than you think to follow your numerology life path.


Independent 1s love to go it alone. Careers that will allow you to make your own decisions and be in charge are ideal for you. Accomplishing your goals will come easily to you because you’re very driven and focused. Be sure to pencil in some alone time regularly as this will help you maintain a healthy balance.


Cooperative 2s feel most at ease in a pair. You thrive in happy and healthy relationships with friends and having a solid partner is very important to your wellbeing. Two’s work well in fields that involve working with others, mediating, and peacemaking. You tend to be emotionally sensitive, be sure to make your feelings and needs known in your relationships to maintain emotional stability.


Creative 3s feel most alive putting on a show for others. You most likely have a creative gift of some kind, whether it be in the visual arts, performance, or written, and you love to share your gifts. Your purpose is to entertain and share your many talents with others. Make sure you allow yourself time to organize and plan as these traits can often be overlooked by 3s.


Dedicated 4s are committed to accomplishing their goals. You’re a hard worker and never give up on a challenge. Your ability to think through problems with logic and innovation make you ideal for working in fields that involve finding solutions to unusual predicaments. Because you’re such a proficient problem solver it’s important for you to remain flexible, even when it’s a challenge.


Active 5s are charismatic busybodies. Change doesn’t frighten you at all, in fact, you thrive off of it! You probably find yourself the life of the party in many situations because you have such an alluring personality. Though you’ll likely have a variety of careers, you’ll do well in ones that involve using your wonderful personality like sales and PR. Your constant need for change can lead to a more addictive personality, make sure you’re finding healthy ways to get your thrills.


Nurturing 6s are natural caregivers. You probably find that you’re the person friends come to in a time of need. That’s because your life path is to care for others and give. Any field in the caregiving arena will play to your strengths. There’s a tricky balance to being such a dedicated giver. Be sure to pencil in lots of self-care to ensure you’re striking a healthy balance of giving and receiving.


Contemplative 7s are on a mission to uncover the truth. You’re intrigued by universal unknowns and likely feel a strong pull to find solutions to big life quandaries. Careers that allow you to uncover truths will keep you engaged and content. Time alone is important for your well being, especially activities that help you calm your mind and allow you to get in touch with your intuition.


Master manifesting 8s have powerful minds and even stronger will. Be careful what you wish for, your ability to create your own reality is stronger than most. If you have a positive outlook, you’ll likely meet your goals with ease, which is why many 8s are very successful. Be sure to make time for more pleasurable activities otherwise you may find yourself consumed by your work.


Empathic 9s are generous humanitarians. You feel the pain of others and the world and desperately want to fix it. Making money for your own material gains is not a top priority for you. Your friends and family likely find you very trustworthy and honest. Your selfless path of giving can be challenging at times, and you may find yourself angry because others do not share your passion for helping the less fortunate. Be gentle with yourself and patient with others that may not share your passion for giving.


Inspiring 11s are natural born teachers. You are here on this Earth to carry inspiring messages to your fellow humans. Though this may seem like a daunting task, it is your purpose for being here. Start small and believe in yourself. 11s are intuitive and extremely sensitive. Learning how to cope with your sensitivities will make sharing your gifts more feasible.


Master builder 22s can turn their visions into reality with ease. You are a perfect combination of spiritual and grounded. You’re able to offer solutions that are sound logically and metaphysically because you can easily see the bigger picture. Manifesting comes almost effortless to you and you likely put this skill to good use. Balancing your perfectionism and sometimes controlling ways with relaxing activities will help you find balance.

If your interest is piqued by this blog post there are many resources available to dig much deeper into this topic! The next number you may want to research is your destiny number, but I’ll save that for another blog post. If you feel a strong pull to a specific number click here to have a custom made charm necklace with the number of your choosing.


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