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Happy Monday friends! Did anyone start their day off with a yoga or meditation practice? For those of you who do practice yoga and meditation, you are probably familiar with the symbol I want to talk about today–the Om symbol. This special symbol has many meanings and could even mean something different to you personally but today I want to talk a little bit about its history.

The om symbol is a mystic syllable (pronounced like “aum”) and is considered to be the most sacred of all the mantras in Dharmic religions. It refers to the soul and yet also refers to the infinite, the essence of life and truth.

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When it is chanted, it is long and drawn out, with each letter being its own syllable, in a sense. The “ahhh” sound represents creation. The “ohhh” sound is a maintaining of energy and lastly, the “mmm” sound signifies a transformative energy as you enter into a moment of silence before repeating. Many yoga practices begin and/or end with chanting om three times and it is definitely a wonderful experience that brings focus, intention and awareness into daily life.

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