OOAK Ring Crystals & Their Healing Powers

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Update (November 2020): My business has been in a state of flux and is changing into what I want/need it to be. Most of this jewelry collection has been phased out. Click here to see what’s available for this collection and here to check more Zenned Out jewelry. Thanks for your continuous support!

Say hello to our new One of a Kind (OOAK) gemstone pieces! I get super giddy about gemstone jewelry. After all, pocketing crystals isn’t always an option! I’ve selected these specific gemstones for a variety of uses and purposes and love the extra meaning behind these handmade pieces of jewelry. Check out some of the descriptions below to help you select an OOAK piece that’s right for you, or to learn more about the gemstones we chose to feature.

Rainbow Moonstone


Wear a moonstone to keep you in tune with Gaia’s energy. Moonstones are also known for awakening the psychic within, or rather, enables the wearer to become more intuitive. Wearing this crystal during life’s transitions can be useful as it will help you to take action on things at the right time. I personally use moonstones in the midst of relationship woes. My energies tend to tip to the side of overbearing and anxious and the lovely moonstone helps to balance this energy with a calming effect. It’s no wonder why moonstones are a popular wedding gift as they are thought to bring love and harmony to relationships.



Lacking inspiration or feeling dull? Then opal is for you! Let this gemstone light a fire in your soul and get your creative juices flowing! Whether you are seeking playfulness for your life, or you need to spark your imagination for something a more specific endeavor, opal is your ally in this pursuit.


OOAK Turquoise

Just reading about the qualities of turquoise has brought me a great sense of relief already! Public speaking is not my forte. In fact, my voice even shakes at times. If you also fear speaking in public then you and I both need a little more turquoise in our lives (which is fine by me!). The turquoise stone works with the throat chakra. It assists the user in speaking with confidence and truth. This stone will also help you to be aware of when you have something valuable to add to a conversation.


Need an extra push to help accomplish a goal or project you’re working on? Labradorite can be a powerful aid for reaching your goals and strengthening your intuition. It is associated with the throat chakra but can be helpful for all of your chakras. The connection to your throat chakra can help to speak your truth come naturally and fluidly.

Most of these gemstones were picked up at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year and I even got to meet some of the mine owners. Many of the stones are rare and all of the designs are unique and one of a kind. Check out all of our OOAK gemstone pieces here.


Click here to get your free printable.

Whether or not you’re able to get a hold of one of these gemstone pieces, I’ve got a fun freebie to share with you! If you’ve already joined the Zenned Out community this beauty will arrive in your email inbox today! If you haven’t joined, click here to download a free healing crystals coloring page. Like many of these gemstones, taking the time to sit down and color can help you relax, reduce stress, and be more mindful.

I’d love to hear any personal stories you have about using crystals for healing or motivation, send me a DM or connect with me on our newsletter!


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