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From simple everyday questions like “which movie will I enjoy more?” to the tough decisions you’ve been putting off for weeks or maybe even months, a pendulum can help you cut out some of the guess work. Once you get comfortable with your pendulum you’ll be able to rely on it for big and small questions. Using your pendulum can not only clear up some free space in your mind, but can help you connect with your higher self and loved ones that have passed on.

My fondest memories of my Grandma are of her getting out her pendulum during family get togethers at her house. My sister and I would take turns asking our big questions. Grandma would focus, become still, and dangle her pendulum over our questions that she wrote out. We’d watch it swirl and not know what it meant as we impatiently awaited her answers from beyond. Before my Grandma left this plane she passed down her pendulum to me. It is my most treasured object. Since receiving it I’ve read books all about it and use it frequently.

Now, I want to share my pendulum knowledge with you so you can experience the insights this small but powerful tool has to offer.


What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is simply a small weight at the end of a string or a chain. Use of pendulums goes back hundreds of years. In the past they’ve even been used to locate successfully locate water and minerals within the Earth.

How does it work?

Though it seems like magic, it’s actually you who’s moving the pendulum! Whatever you want to call it: subconscious, spirit, higher self, or spirits speaking through you, the pendulum is ultimately controlled by you.

It is called the ideomotor response. Your pendulum amplifies responses from your subconscious that would normally be undetectable.

If you believe that your higher self is an extension of the universe itself and can connect with energies of all kinds, then your pendulum can be viewed as a very extraordinary tool. If you don’t, it’s still pretty amazing to have access to your subconscious!

My Grandma believed she was channeling loved ones that had passed on. Once she remarked that she would feel bombarded with their energy, like they were all chiming in at once with their answers.


Getting started with your pendulum.

  1. Choose a pendulum that you connect with. They come in a variety of materials ranging from crystals, wood, plastic, and metal. You can even find simple instructions for creating your own pendulum online.
  2. Make sure that your arms and legs are not crossed when using your pendulum. Closing yourself off in this way can block your energy and affect the pendulum’s answers.
  3. While sitting, place the end of the string or chain in your hands and place your elbow on a table so it’s steady.
  4. Next you’ll need to determine how your pendulum will answer your questions. I like to start by writing out these phrases on a piece of paper: “yes,” “no,” “I don’t know,” and “I can’t say.” Then I’ll hold the pendulum over each phrase and ask it what does “yes” mean and see what its reaction is. If it gives a clockwise turn, I’ll write down “clockwise” under “yes”. Continue for each phrase and be sure to test your pendulums response to each phrase a couple of times for accuracy.
  5. Start by asking your pendulum simple questions that you already know the answer to, like “is my hair blonde?”. Once you’re used to how your pendulum responds you can start asking other questions, keep in mind your questions must be able to be answered by yes or no.
  6. Avoid asking your pendulum questions if you already have a strong pull towards an answer. Remember, your pendulum is pulling from your inner self, so if you already feel strongly about something, it is likely that your pendulums answer will be swayed towards what you want.
  7. Finally, always use your pendulum for good, but I know you will 🙂


The pendulum is my favorite divination tool and I hope you love it too! I find that my pendulum is usually spot on, and it helps me feel more connected to my Grandma.

Do you have a favorite pendulum, or book about pendulums? I’d love to know about it! Please comment if you want to share.

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