The Only 3 Love Spells You’ll Ever Need

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” -Dalai Lama

You not only want love, you need love. Love and compassion are like air for sensitive souls like you and me. If you’re anything like me, you probably grew up craving love and affection, and not getting it could be truly painful. Being highly sensitive makes us uniquely vulnerable to our emotions and the emotions of others. The cure, potent and honest love.

So, what does magick have to do with this?

As above, so below. As within, so without. Not surprisingly, the key to finding love in your life manifests from learning how to love yourself truly and fully. Any true magick practitioner will tell you that it’s not only inadvisable but probably won’t work to use magick to lure another to you, friend or lover. The true purpose of magick is self-development and intention setting, not casting spells to bend the wills of others.


This idea is best illustrated by this excerpt from Lisa Chamberlain from her book Wicca Candle Magic:

This phrase [as above, so below] is also known, as the Hermetic Law of
correspondence, which states that whatever is true in the microcosm (i.e., the Earth) is
true in the macrocosm (i.e., the Universe in total). Another way to say it is hat the
ethereal plane (also called the “higher” or “spiritual” plane) is a mirror of the seen,
physical plane (also called the “lower” or “material” plane), and vice versa. In order to
make a change on the material plane, magic works by changing the spiritual plane. The
change then works its way through the linear time and physical space of the material
plane until it manifests. (19-20)

By changing your internal frequency to complete and total self-love you’ll become a magnet for love.

With the constant signals, we can receive from social media and the like, building a solid self-love practice requires regular attention. This is why spellwork and ritual are such powerful tools for bolstering your self-love practice.

I created three love spells just for you based on my own experience with magickal tools, rituals, and learning to love myself. It seems that these are the three topics that have come up the most for me and I hope you find them applicable too. Let’s jump into the three love spell you’ll ever need!


The only 3 love spells you’ll ever need:

Pink candles and rose quartz are used for each of the spells as they’re pillars of self-love. If you don’t have some of the suggested tools for the specific spells you can certainly just use rose quartz and a pink candle.

Each of these spells can be used in a variety of ways. You can place the items on a nightstand, altar, or other visible space in the home. You can put the stones and herbs into a bag to carry around with you throughout the day. Do what feels right to you.

I love my body spell

You’ll need:

  • Pink candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Picture of the Goddess Amaterasu and/or Aphrodite
  • A mirror
  • Garnet to help you see the beauty in yourself
  • Rose petals, rose water, or roses for realizing beauty and self-love
  • Jasmine essential oil or incense to inspire sensuality

Spell steps:

Find a quiet space to arrange your items and light your candle. Looking into the mirror, say loving things about your body. Here are some suggestions: I love my body. I am beautiful. My body is perfect just as it is. I am grateful for my beautiful body. Take as much time as you need saying these loving statements to yourself. You may decide to meditate on the love and gratitude you have for your body as the candle burns. Thank yourself for taking the time to offer yourself this love and blow out your candle. Keep your items up as a reminder as long as you’d like.


I love my journey spell

You’ll need:

  • Pink candle
  • Gold candle for inner strength and to inspire self-realization
  • Rose quartz
  • Agate to bring you soothing strength
  • Rhodochrosite to inspire a loving positive attitude
  • Lavender essential oil, incense, or dried lavender will do for bringing calming love and peace

Spell steps:

Find a quiet space to arrange your items and light your candles. Holding all three stones meditate on your life’s journey up to this point. As the candles burn think or meditate about your life, the challenges, the high points, and the low points. Look at all aspects of your life without judgment, simply be an observer. Think about three things you’re grateful for that have happened in your life and say them out loud. Say positive affirmations about your journey aloud, here are some examples: I trust my journey, I love my life, My challenges strengthen me, I am open to learning from this life, I trust that I am right where I’m supposed to be. Spend as much time as you’d like in quiet reflecting. Thank yourself for taking the time to offer yourself this love and blow out your candles. Keep your items up as a reminder as long as you’d like.


I love my mind spell

You’ll need:

  • Pink candle
  • Indigo candle for soothing emotions and bolstering your intuition and clarity
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst to soothe the mind
  • Rhodonite to balance emotions and help heal past wounds
  • Clove for banishing negative thought patterns

Spell steps:

Find a quiet space to arrange your items and light your candles. Lie down and place an amethyst on your third eye and the rhodonite on your heart center. Imagine your third eye chakra (purple) and heart chakra (green) glowing and swirling brighter and stronger with every breath you take. Aloud or in your mind repeat loving affirmations about your mind, here are some suggestions: I love my mind, my mind is calm and peaceful, I choose to let go of negative thought patterns that no longer serve me, when negative thoughts come up I choose to surround them with love, I speak to myself with love and compassion. Stay in this space as long as you need to. Thank yourself for taking the time to offer yourself this love and blow out your candle. Keep your items up as a reminder as long as you’d like.


Like all spellwork, you’re the creator. Do what feels right and what rings true for you. Feel free to amend or modify any of my tips and make these spells truly your own. You cannot choose wrong. Enjoy and love yourself first, always.

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