The Seven Chakras

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Some of you may be wondering what exactly a chakra even is. In Hindu, yogic and other belief systems, chakras are the seven energy points that run along the meridian of the body. Running from bottom to top of the body, they are the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. Each chakra coordinates with different, feelings, emotions, body parts and energies. Here is a quick breakdown of each chakra, the coordinating gemstone, mantra and meaning:

The Crown Chakra ♥ Rainbow Moonstone ♥ Mantra: Silence, Meaning: Oneness
The Third Eye Chakra ♥ Amethyst ♥ Mantra: OM, Meaning: Awareness of our Divinity
The Throat Chakra ♥ Lapis ♥ Mantra: HAM, Meaning: Speech & Self Expression
The Heart Chakra ♥ Emerald ♥ Mantra: YAM, Meaning: Compassion & Balance
The Solar Plexus Chakra ♥ Citrine ♥ Mantra: RAM, Meaning: Will Power & Control
The Sacral Chakra ♥ Carnelian ♥ Mantra: VAM, Meaning: Creativity & Emotion
The Root Chakra ♥ Garnet ♥ Mantra: LAM, Meaning: Security & Grounding

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I started using the chakras as a meditation focus at a young age and still do today. My knowledge about my chakras also helps when I have physical or emotional troubles–I can often times pinpoint where these feelings/troubles are coming from and focus on the coordinating chakra to help restore balance. Chakras are certainly not a replacement for times when medical attention is needed, but focusing and balancing my energy can go a long way for mild ailments or anxiety.

Check out a guide on where you need to focus for each chakra below.

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The mantras are lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om, and the crown chakra is silence. The a’s in the mantras are pronounced like the o in CD-ROM. The mantras are a great way to connect to your chakra energy. I love having the mantras on the inside of the ring as a reminder that I can use it as a tool throughout the day by simply saying the mantra under my breath a few times to center myself.

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