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We all get that nagging feeling, that anxiousness, lurking in the back of our minds that questions if the decisions we are making, the road we are on is the correct path. But then there is that other little voice, telling us to press on, giving us reasonable feedback and encouragement. It is important to push away the negative voice and truly listen to our true intuition.

I love this statement made by Tricia Brennan, an intuitive counselor and author of The Map of the Soul:

The messages you receive through your intuition are whispers from deep within – the language of your inner self. Your unconscious mind communicates through your imagination and feelings, which is why you occasionally have intuitive flashes, strong hunches or gut feelings.

I believe these ideas come down to trusting, and finding strength, in your soul. There are many ways to work towards listening more attentively to your gut instincts–whether through meditation, journaling, a nice walk outside or finding a creative outlet, I encourage you to practice trusting your soul this week! And today I am happy to share a free desktop wallpaper for you to download and allow as a reminder. Click here to download and have a spectacular week!

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