Understanding the Energy of Aries Season

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Welcome to Aries season! Dynamic and fiery, this warrior archetype is here to bring us a fresh start.  

In honor of Aries season starting on March 19th, I’ll be diving into Aries energy in this blog. I’ll be sharing what Aries energy is all about, the planetary and tarot associations of Aries, and how to understand Aries in your chart. Keep scrolling for more tips and a video where I dive deeper into Aries energy. 


Cards featured are The Ritual Deck and The Starchild Tarot.


Aries is our cardinal fire sign and as the first sign of the zodiac, it begins the astrological wheel of the year. The first day of Aries season is always the spring equinox, ushering us into spring with the spark of life! 

Aries energy is like a match being lit. It brings with it fire, passion, and creativity. Aries is a warrior and a pioneer, and the question is: what will you be a warrior for? Where are you ready to be a pioneer in your own life, leading the way for us all? 

This sign invites us to tap into our bravery and courage, to go it alone, and go forward in the direction of the life that is calling us. Independent and impulsive, Aries can take you places you never thought you could go (or that you thought would take a lot longer to get to!). During Aries season, we are all asked to channel our passions and creativity in healthy ways, to tap into our inner fire, and to burst through self-imposed limitations to step into the new. 

All signs have a shadow energy and expression, and in its shadow, Aries can be aggressive, domineering, and even violent. If you can learn to work with Aries in its highest expression, it can teach you a lot about working with anger and frustration in healthy ways, finding balance between leading and following, and being an autonomous individual in relationships with others.

Learn more about Aries season from Eryn Johnson in this video. 

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In Western astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars. In esoteric astrology, Aries is ruled by Mercury. Mars tells us how we work with Aries in a day to day way, and Mercury tells us what’s possible to embody when we work with Aries from a soul-centered level.

Mars is the planet of drive, assertion, and aspiration. You can think of it as the gas pedal of your birth chart: it’s what moves you forward. Fiery Mars lends Aries the energy of the warrior, it’s what drives Aries to burst through.

Mercury, on the other hand, as the esoteric ruler of Aries speaks to what’s possible when working with Aries at a soul-entered level. Mercury is an air planet very much associated with the mind (and the Magician card in the tarot!), so the creativity of Aries becomes new, exciting, even bold ideas put forth into the world. 


In the tarot, Aries is associated with the Emperor, the Tower, and the Knight of Wands.

The Emperor is ruled by Aries, Mars rules the Tower, and the Knight of Wands is cardinal fire in the court cards in my tarot practice. 

The Emperor is a leader, here to pioneer a new world. This card speaks to structures and systems, at a micro-level in our personal lives and at a macro level in the collective, that make up the world and asks us to create truly collaborative systems that serve the good of all. Associated with power, this archetype also asks us to reflect on our own relationship with power and step into a space of power with rather than power over. 

You only need to take a look at the Tower card to understand what it’s all about! The Tower represents a lightning strike, a clearing that causes a crumbling to the ground. Foundations may be shaken and things will not be the same afterward – but it’s very much the spark kind of energy that Aries has to offer us. The clearing that takes place in the Tower only ever clears away what doesn’t serve us.

The Knight of Wands teaches us how to let our fire move us. When we take action in our lives, we’re always taking it from a specific place. We can take action from love, from fear, from desire, from many things – but the Knight of Wands asks us to let our passion, our creativity, our innate sense of our own power, to guide us in moving through the world. 


To understand Aries in your chart, you’ll want to look at a couple of pieces:

  • Any planets in Aries
  • The house that Aries rules in your chart. Whatever house Aries rules indicates the area of life where you are meant to burst through, create something new, live boldly, and fight for something. 
  • Your 1st house. The 1st house is the Aries house. The sign that rules your 1st house can add another layer indicating how Aries themes show up in your life.

Another way to understand Aries energy in your life could be to ask your oracle or tarot deck: how is Aries energy showing up in my life right now?


Want to connect more deeply with Aries energy? You might like to connect with some crystals for Aries season. Try carnelian for creativity and courage, sunstone for independence, or red jasper for energy and vitality. 

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