Understanding the Energy of Taurus Season

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Welcome to Taurus season! Our fixed earth sign, this archetype is here to ground us in our bodies, teach us about beauty, and help us tap into the tactile pleasures of being alive. 

In honor of Taurus season starting on April 20th, I’ll be diving into Taurus energy in this blog. I’ll be sharing what Taurus energy is all about, the planetary and tarot associations of Taurus, and how to understand Taurus in your chart. 


Featured cards from The Starchild Tarot. 


Grounded and rooted, the earth sign aspect of Taurus offers practicality and steadfastness to this sign. It connects us to the physical, tactile world through the pleasure that’s available to us through the body and each of our senses. Think of really tasting a delicious meal, smelling the flowers, feeling the warm sun on your skin, touching soft silks, and immersing yourself in a painting. Now you know Taurus energy! 


Card featured from The Ritual Deck. 

Taurus has a beautiful capacity to see beauty and manifest beauty. It’s also a sign associated with value, the material world, and money. Taurus has lessons to teach us all about self-worth, what we really value, and how we value ourselves. 

At its most soul-centered level, Taurus can see the beauty and light in all things, and knows the inherent worth in us all.

All signs have a shadow energy and expression, and in its shadow Taurus can be stubborn, immovable, and resistant to change. The polar sign to Scorpio, a sign of transformation, Taurus can get stuck in its ways, resenting movement and change. This sign can also get trapped in the physical world, only following desire and forgetting spirituality and higher purpose. 


In Western astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. It’s an archetype that helps us find soul fulfillment and teaches us how to love unconditionally. This planet lends Taurus its appreciation for beauty, its connection to sensuality and pleasure, and its association with divine feminine energy


In the tarot, Taurus is associated with the Empress, the Hierophant, and the King of Pentacles.

The Empress is ruled by Venus, the Hierophant is ruled by Taurus, and the King of Pentacles is fixed Earth in the court cards in my tarot practice. 

The Empress is an archetype of unconditional love (Venus!) who teaches us how to receive. Creativity and love flow through the Empress, without forcing or pushing. Nothing could be more Taurean than the Empress herself as depicted in the Pamela Colman Smith Rider Waite tarot deck! The Empress is lush, present, and embodied and she teaches us how to tap into those parts of ourselves, too.

The Hierophant speaks to Taurus’ Earthy side. This archetype understands how to communicate esoteric truths so that they are understood by all. The Hierophant is able to pull spiritual knowledge out of the ether into the physical plane, making spirituality practical and part of the material world. 

The King of Pentacles, the master of the suit associated with purpose, work, and the material world, teaches us what it means to live your purpose in the world and feel abundant in doing so. This archetype speaks to Taurus’ connection to self-worth, money, manifestation, and finances, reminding us what is possible when we tap into our inner abundance. 


To understand Taurus in your chart, you’ll want to look at a couple of pieces:

  • Any planets in Taurus
  • The house that Taurus rules in your chart. Whatever house Taurus rules indicates the area of life where you are meant to ground, manifest, and pour love.
  • Your 2nd house. The 2nd house is the Taurus house. The sign that rules your 2nd house can add another layer indicating how Taurus themes show up in your life.

Another way to understand Taurus energy in your life could be to ask your oracle or tarot deck: how is Taurus energy showing up in my life right now?


Want to connect more deeply with Taurus energy? You might like to connect with some crystals for Taurus season. Try rose quartz or emerald for unconditional love and stability, red jasper for connecting with your physical body, black tourmaline for grounding, or carnelian for pleasure. 

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