Vibrational Healing 101

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What sounds are part of your daily life?

For many of us, those sounds may be things like cars honking, sirens blaring, alarms and timers beeping, and music on the radio. 

Those sounds can be incredibly harsh on our nervous systems. Think about it: how do you feel when you hear a horn honking or a siren blaring? Startled, anxious, on edge, heightened, nervous? 

Most of the sounds we hear on a daily basis aren’t soothing or healing, and many of them are also inevitable. Many of these noises simply go along with living a modern life. But that’s where sound healing comes in as an incredibly helpful tool for resetting the nervous system and realigning our energy centers.

Keep scrolling to learn more about some of the science behind sound, the benefits of sound healing, and ways to weave sound healing into your life each day.



Vibrational healing, also called, sound healing, frequency healing, or vibrational medicine, uses the vibration of objects that resonate (such as bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other instruments) as well as the human voice to soothe the body and mind, access a deeper state of meditation, and stimulate healing.

Sound healing is definitely having a moment right now, but it’s far from new. Cultures around the world have used sound for healing for centuries.


An article for the New York Times shares this:

“…Healers, sometimes called sounders, argue that sound can have physiological effects because its vibrations are not merely heard but also felt. And vibrations, they say, can lower heart rate variability, relax brain wave patterns and reduce respiratory rates.

When the heart rate is relatively steady, and breathing is deep and slow, stress hormones decrease, said Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, an oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York and the author of “The Healing Power of Sound.” That is significant, he said, because stress can depress every aspect of the immune system, “including those that protect us against flu and against cancer.”

A study where participants received about 35 minutes of sound therapy (some in person, and some via an online recording) found that “Statistically significant, highly significant and extremely significant data was produced in the domains of Physical Relaxation, Imagery, Ineffability, Transcendence of Time and Space, Positive Mood, Insightfulness, Disembodiment and Unity across both live and recorded studies.”


There is also some fascinating research being done about the power of sound to help us access alpha brain waves, the brain waves associated with daydreaming, mindfulness, and meditation. Alpha waves, according to studies conducted by neuro-electric therapy engineers Dr. Margaret Patterson and Dr. Ifor Capel, boost the production of serotonin in the body.

There aren’t a ton of studies available, but as you can see research has been done and hopefully will continue to be done to explore the science behind sound healing.


Some of the benefits of sound healing can include: 

  • Access a deep state of meditation
  • Relief of physical pain 
  • Lowering stress
  • Soothe anxiety 
  • Decrease in mood swings
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved creativity
  • Heightened self-awareness

Personally, I find sound healing to be incredibly relaxing and heart-opening. It helps me connect with my intuition, open my heart, and access a deeper meditative state. It definitely helps me release stress and relax as well, letting my body truly restore itself. 



Now that you know how amazing sound healing is for you, how can you weave sound healing into your life? Here are a few ways:

  • Meditate with sound frequency meditations on Spotify – here and here are a few sound healing playlists I like 
  • Buy a singing bowl and play it for yourself
  • Attend a local sound healing event in your area – often called a sound bath or sound meditation
  • Listen to binaural beats, music that specifically works to generate alpha waves
  • Chanting OM
  • Buy tuning forks and use them at home 
  • Vocal toning to open your chakras (this website shares a simple vocal toning practice)

Have you tried sound healing? If you haven’t, I hope you now feel inspired to give it a try!

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