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Want to level up your intuitive skills? It’s time to take off your divination training wheels and try a tool that doesn’t provide you with a guidebook with all of the answers. Scrying with a crystal ball requires practice, patience, and a deep trust in your intuitive abilities. But, don’t be scared off! This ancient tool is worth the effort.

This week I’ll give you some background on scrying and all the know-how for getting starting with using a crystal ball. Next week I’ll give you tips for using your crystal ball as an intuitive tool.

What is Scrying?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Sound familiar? The witch in this familiar scene from Snow White is using a mirror to scry. Scrying is a term used for gazing into a reflective surface for psychic purposes.

Though many of our childhood memories of magic mirrors or crystal balls may give you the idea that these objects themselves are magical or provide images of the future on their own, this isn’t quite true. Think of scrying as using an object to open a door between you and your subconscious, or you and your spirit guides.

The word scry comes from the Old English word descry and means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” People have used a variety of mediums for scrying including water, mirrors, and crystals.

I’ll be focusing on the use of a crystal ball to scry. Because, crystals. Need I say more?

5 Steps to Get Started with Your Crystal Ball

Selecting a Crystal Ball

There are few loose guidelines for finding a crystal ball that will lend itself to scrying and, of course, a whole host of intuitive tips to find your perfect match as well.

There are 3 varieties of clear crystal balls: natural quartz crystal, lab-grown quartz crystal, and glass.

For the purposes of scrying, natural or lab-grown quartz options are the way to go. Glass just doesn’t have the same high vibrational qualities you want when forming a connection with your crystal ball. A very clear natural quartz ball will have a much higher price tag. Lab-created quartz crystal balls are perfect for getting started, they’re also perfectly clear and stunning to look at.

Can you start with a colored crystal ball or something opaque? You certainly can, but starting out, most teachers suggest learning on a clear quartz ball. That being said, trust your gut, if you’ve got a strong connection with a colored or opaque crystal ball, start there!

Size-wise, choose a sphere that is larger than 3″ across and fits your budget.

Cleanse your Crystal Ball

By the time your crystal ball reaches you, it has probably come into contact with quite a few souls. Just like any crystal you acquire, you’ll want to start out by cleansing it.

Give it a good cleanse with smoke or with any technique that you feel called to use. Maybe even give it a good suds with some mild soap and water.

Cleansing your crystal ball will give it a clean slate for you to work with it by removing energy from previous people that have handled it.

Charge your Crystal Ball

Some feel that crystal balls are charged and alive with energy of their own already. If you’ve ever had an instant connection with a crystal, I’m sure you might agree, I certainly do! Because of this, some people don’t think it’s necessary to charge a crystal ball.

For this step, think instead of giving your sphere a certain kind of energy or adding to its current vibes. If you would like to charge your crystal ball with the light of the full moon, it will take on that soft and feminine energy.

If you would like to learn more on how to cleanse and charge your crystal ball or other crystals in your collection, check out this blog post here!

Proper Care & Handling

Once you have your crystal ball cleansed and charged here are a few tips for keeping it in its best condition physically and energetically!

First, try to avoid letting other people handle your crystal ball. Like any crystal, your sphere can easily pick up the energy for others. Because you’ll be using your crystal ball for intuitive uses, it’s important that it is primarily tuned in to your energy. If you do let other people handle your crystal sphere, be sure to give it a good cleanse before using it for a reading.

Second, consider keeping your ball covered when it’s not in use. The color of the cover or cloth you decide on can affect the energy of your sphere, so keep that in mind while choosing. If you’re unsure, many practitioners suggest using a black cloth. Keeping it covered will also keep your ball from becoming dusty and, more importantly, from starting fires. Clear spheres will act as a magnifying glass with sun rays and can start a fire. No joke, I’ve actually seen this happen at a festival!

scrying 101 how to do scrying with water or crystalsConnect with Your Crystal Ball

Before you jump into doing readings for yourself and others, start forming a relationship with your crystal ball. Keep it near you, sit with it, touch it, and maybe even put it on your nightstand when you sleep. Become familiar with its energy and let it soak up yours as well.

Many practitioners name their spheres, which is a practice that I suggest and enjoy. Naming your crystal ball will give it more value and will encourage you to think of it as an entity of its own.

You’ve got all the tips you need to get started with your crystal ball! There are countless options to purchase crystal spheres online and you might even find some at a local crystal shop. Be sure to join me next week when I share methods for doing readings for yourself and others.

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