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Hello! I hope everyone had a restful weekend! It isn’t unbearably hot here in the desert (yet) so my husband and I spent a lot of time outside going on walks, grilling (his favorite past time) and soaking up the sun while it’s still tolerable.

Today, I want to share a behind the scenes look at our 2015 photo shoot! If you follow Zenned Out on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve already seen a few sneak peeks from our recent shoot. So much time and energy goes into these shoots and this was our biggest one yet!


The planning and scheduling for this shoot began at the beginning of the year. Nicole, our amazing photographer of Nicole Speer Photography, found all three of our gorgeous models months before the shoot. Hair and makeup artists were booked. I reached out to Grizzy Love, a talented screen printer on Etsy, for clothes sponsorship. Thankfully, she happily obliged, woo hoo! Then, of course, the jewelry all needed to be made and looks needed to be planned.
With so much time, energy and money involved, I was quite the ball of nerves the morning of the shoot! Even with some morning craziness, one of the model’s car breaking down on the way and another getting in a car accident (don’t worry everyone was ok!)–the day went perfectly and was a blast too! We were very fortunate!


Here is Nicole Speer, our wonderful photographer in action. I first worked with Nicole when she shot my Indiana wedding back in June of 2012. I loved her energy and work so much that she has been our photographer for model shoots ever since! Even if it means planning photo shoots around my Indiana visits 🙂



That is Abby Prather–our super talented makeup artist in action! Some of you may recognize Abby. She was one of our gorgeous models from our previous shoot. I wish I could afford to have Abby live at my house and do my makeup every morning, she made us look gooooooooood.


And then we have Stephanie Whitton, hair goddess working her magic! Stephanie has been my dear friend and hairstylist for the last ten years. She’s had experience doing hair for runway shows more than once so I knew she was the right person for the job.


Our gorgeous models in action from left to right: Renee Merrifield, Courtney Gray, and Kimberly Tibbs. I was so happy to meet these three women, they were good troopers and a joy to spend the day with!


My favorite part of a jewelry shoot is planning out what jewelry will look best together and pairing it with the right outfit. It took me hours to get all of this worked out! You can see all of our completed outfits lined up ready for the day.


The most tedious part of the day is making sure all of the jewelry stays in the right place for the shoot.


Our day started around 11 am and we finished up at 8 pm. Margaritas with Abby and Nicole followed shortly after 🙂

You’ll see several of these new photos sprinkled throughout our Etsy shop, website, Instagram, and Facebook, but the main purpose for this photo shoot is to create our first Zenned Out catalogue! It’s in the works now and will hopefully be completed in the next few months–subscribe to our newsletter (in the sidebar) to be the first to hear about the release!

I hope you have an amazing and productive short work week! I’d love to hear your feedback on the photoshoot! What do you think about our new images? Do you appreciate seeing modeled jewelry when deciding what to purchase? Does it help to see the pieces in action? Please let me know!

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